FEL Power Provides Silver Lining to New England’s Wicked Weather – up to 27 Hours of Electricity Supplied at $0

New England’s wicked weather has pulled some punches in the past months with visits from Hurricane Irene delaying openings for hundreds of schools, and the surprise Nor’easter that dropped nearly three feet of snow and delayed trick or treating for thousands of ghosts and goblins.

For some large electricity users, however, the wicked weather has brought welcome relief. Energy managers like Michael Vail, Site Services Manager of South Portland, ME’s Fairchild Semiconductor, report they could have had up to 23 hours of free electricity delivered from the New England Power Pool during Irene, and 4 hours during last month’s snowstorm.

Fairchild is a customer of Manchester, NH’s Freedom Energy Logistics (FEL Power), taking part in its unique Direct to Grid electricity program. The company worked with FEL Power to become an energy self-supplier in 2005 and has had several occasions when it has reaped rewards when demand is suddenly cut by weather-related outages in large portions of New England.

Customers of Halifax American Energy Company, a wholesale power provider and member of the FEL Power family of companies, were also affected positively by the drop in demand caused by the two storms. Those buying electricity from the real time bulk power market saw a drop in overall demand and consequent drop in their price per kWh.

Says Mark Wilson, Chief Operating Officer of New England Wood Pellet and HAEC customer, ““During last month’s sneak Nor’easter, we were buying power on the real time market at the moment of least demand. That’s just not a choice you have with a traditional utility. It definitely worked in our favor.”

Being supplied hours of electricity at no cost is “a perk we don’t necessarily expect, but it’s a happy surprise when it happens,” says Brian Mikol, co-President of Spectrum Marketing Companies, Inc.

The Freedom Energy Logistics family of companies obtains power at the lowest possible price for New England consumers. FEL Power (felpower.com) provides high-end energy management services in electricity and natural gas. Its unique Direct to Grid (or Self-Supply) model guides large-scale users into New England’s wholesale electricity market, guaranteeing them access to electricity at the lowest available cost. Halifax American Energy Company (haecpower.com) is a retail electric energy marketer which, in partnership with South Jersey Energy, specializes in transactions converting wholesale and bulk power products into shapes and durations suitable for industrial, commercial, institutional and governmental end users. Its newest division, Resident Power (residentpower.com), is New Hampshire’s first competitive electricity aggregator to focus exclusively on residences and small businesses.