FEL Power Aids Spurwink in Lower-Cost Energy Acquisition

FEL Power (felpower.com) of Manchester, NH, has recently assisted Spurwink Services acquire electricity at economical rates.

“New England families facing challenges have been turning to Spurwink Services for decades now. Even when I visited Maine as a boy, Spurwink offered solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems,“ says Gus Fromuth, FEL Power’s Managing Director. “I’m pleased that in tough economic times, FEL Power can help Spurwink cut standard operating costs so it can continue offering high value services.”

Maine-based, Spurwink Services has recently opened a center in Gonic.

The Freedom Energy Logistics family of companies obtains power at the lowest possible price for New England consumers. FEL Power (felpower.com) provides high-end energy management services in electricity and natural gas. Its unique Direct to Grid (or Self-Supply) model guides large-scale users into New England’s wholesale electricity market, guaranteeing them access to electricity at the lowest available cost. Halifax American Energy Company (haecpower.com) is a retail electric energy marketer which, in partnership with South Jersey Energy, specializes in transactions converting wholesale and bulk power products into shapes and durations suitable for industrial, commercial, institutional and governmental end users. Its newest division, Resident Power (residentpower.com), is New Hampshire’s first competitive electricity aggregator to focus exclusively on residences and small businesses.