FEL Power Joins New England Council

Freedom Energy Logistics (FELPower) has joined the New England Council, the country’s oldest regional business organization. A non-partisan alliance of more than 400 businesses, academic and health institutions, and public and private organizations, its members are located throughout all six New England states.

“By joining the New England Council, we create a win-win for New England business, organizations, and – all consumers of energy,” says Gus Fromuth, Managing Director of FEL Power. “We offer New England business needed relief from paying the highest energy prices in the nation,” he continued.

FEL Power provides energy management services through a variety of procurement tools and expertise that include retail electricity and natural gas portfolio management; RFP creation and management online auctions for both generators and end-users; demand response; and renewable procurement and compliance. The company’s signature offering is Direct to Grid, or self-supply, a program unique to FEL Power. Although introduced nearly a decade ago, it remains consistently responsive to its clients’ needs.

Fromuth points to a new offering FEL Power created after customer dialogue. “Within Direct to Grid, we now offer the budget certainty of 100% fixed Full Requirements Contracts for customers who want a wholesale discount without price fluctuation.”

Resident Power, the company’s newest division, went live in 2011. An electricity aggregator, it has already placed nearly 2000 residents and small businesses with competitive suppliers. Customers are guaranteed savings of at least 5% on the supply portion of their current electricity bill. Potential savings with Resident Power can reach 20%.

The Freedom Energy Logistics family of companies obtains power at the lowest possible price for New England consumers. FEL Power (felpower.com) provides high-end energy management services in electricity and natural gas. Its unique Direct to Grid (or Self-Supply) model guides large-scale users into New England’s wholesale electricity market, guaranteeing them access to electricity at the lowest available cost. Halifax American Energy Company (haecpower.com) is a retail electric energy marketer which, in partnership with South Jersey Energy, specializes in transactions converting wholesale and bulk power products into shapes and durations suitable for industrial, commercial, institutional and governmental end users. Its newest division, Resident Power (residentpower.com), is New Hampshire’s first competitive electricity aggregator to focus exclusively on residences and small businesses.