FEL Power Agreement with Tasman Yields Supply Savings of Over 50%

Freedom Energy Logistics (felpower.com) has recently signed Tasman Leather Group, LLC of Hartland, ME, to an agreement for indexed energy procurement. The program has saved the company over 50% in electricity supply costs over the Standard Offer the first month.

Greg Thompson, Procurement Specialist at FEL Power, brokered the agreement with Tasman. “For decades, the tannery in Hartland has been a prime supplier of quality hides to some of the top names in leather, including Coach, Clarks, Cole Haan and Frye. It specializes in producing Premium Quality Side Leather for the U.S. military. The facility has modern equipment, more than 150 skilled technicians and experienced workers and Tasman is committed to expansion while being environmentally and energy conscious,” he said.

“But tanning is an energy-intensive activity. Saving this kind of money on electricity will quickly improve the Hartland plant’s bottom line.”

The cost saving agreement is one of a series of steps Tasman has taken in its quest to make the 200,000+ square foot facility more cost-efficient. Tasman took over the former Prime Leather in a bankruptcy sale in February of last year.