Congratulations Town of Hanover, NH on Joining the NEPOOL

Town of Hanover, NH is Now a Member of the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL)

Freedom Energy Logistics and the Town of Hanover, NH have been working hard to help Hanover realize their dream of becoming an EPA Green Power Community, and help further the vision of the Sustainable Hanover Committee.  The first big milestone was hit on July 1st of this year, as Hanover, NH is now officially a member of the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL).

Becoming a NEPOOL member has significantly advanced the Town of Hanover’s mission of integrating sustainability into all of its operations, while demonstrating clean energy leadership through EPA’s Green Power Partnership Program and the Green Power Community Challenge.  The Town of Hanover is serious about clean energy, and Freedom Energy Logistics is serious about helping them make it happen.

Hanover NH boasts several innovative and dynamic institutions that have already taken great strides in being responsible and mindful energy users, producers and purchasers. Organizations such as Hypertherm Inc., Dartmouth College, U.S Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory have all expressed enthusiastic support for the Town’s endeavor to become an EPA Green Power Community.

Freedom Energy Logistics also enthusiastically supports Hanover’s moves towards a more sustainable future for its residents and is looking forward to helping Hanover take the next steps towards their goals.

Congratulations Hanover, NH!