Canaan Hydro Approved by NH DOER to Participate in Group Net Metering Set to Go Live and Begin Benefit Flow

We are delighted to share the third Central Rivers Power (CRP) above one megawatt hydro facility, Canaan Hydro, located in Stewartstown, New Hampshire, was approved by the New Hampshire Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to participate in Group Net Metering (GNM) and is set to begin benefit flow this month.

Under HB315, the NH legislature expanded Group Net Metering to include qualifying renewable generators that can produce between one and five megawatts per hour, so long as they sell to municipal entities such as towns, cities, school districts, charter schools and counties. With the DOER’s approval, CRP’s hydro renewable energy facilities can share the proceeds from their surplus electricity generation with NH municipal electric utility account holders as off-takers without requiring the municipalities to be physically connected or make any changes to their existing electric service.

“The NH DOER’s approval of CRP’s hydro facilities, and going live today with our third hydro facility, marks tremendous progress within the Group Net Metering program in New Hampshire,” said Todd Wynn, Chief Executive Officer of Central Rivers Power. “We’re committed to advancing renewable generation in the state, and along with our program administrator, Freedom Energy Logistics, supporting valuable incentives to benefit our local communities.”

“CRP’s hydro facilities provide not only renewable options for participating NH municipalities but deliver significant financial value for these communities.”


Bart Fromuth | Chief Executive Officer

“We expect more than $110,000 to be delivered annually to net metering clients, more than $500,000 over five years. Many municipal clients have already signed-on as participating off-takers and expect to begin receiving revenues near term,” stated Bart Fromuth, Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Energy.


In September 2021, CRP selected Freedom Energy as the Group Net Metering Administrator for four of CRP’s hydro assets interconnected in New Hampshire. The portfolio, which produces approximately 40,000 megawatt hours of renewable electricity per year, includes Gorham Hydro, Canaan Hydro, Jackman Hydro, and Hooksett Hydro each located in towns of Gorham, Stewartstown, Hillsborough, and Hooksett, respectively.


In addition to today’s announcement regarding Canaan Hydro, CRP’s first two dams to receive NH DOER approval and begin flow on May 2, 2022, included Gorham and Jackman. Gorham dam has a 2.2 MW nameplate capacity and average annual renewable generation of about 12,000and the Jackman dam has a 3.2 MW nameplate capacity and average annual renewable generation of about 11,000,000 KWhs. A fourth dam, CRP’s Hooksett Hydro renewable generation asset, expects approval near-term, and to be sending revenues in the coming months, delivering additional revenue for New Hampshire municipalities.


“Participating as an off taker is a valuable opportunity for all New Hampshire municipal clients,” Fromuth continued. “As administrators of CRP’s net metering program, it’s a pleasure to be able to extend the program benefits and incentives to local municipalities and encourage municipal clients to evaluate the program.”

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