Electricity Procurement – The Freedom Way

From our signature offering Direct to Grid (or Self-Supply) to the simplicity of fixed priced plans and everything in-between, we have an energy strategy for your business.  

The Freedom Way –  Staying true to our mission statement, our most sophisticated and innovative product offerings come from our electricity wing.  Freedom’s expertise is rooted in experience.  By continuously investing in our team, we maximize the value to our clients.  When you work with Freedom you are contracting with a partner.  

All of our products are supported by our great team with over 100 years collectively of energy management experience. 

Free Energy and Risk Assessment

Purchasing energy the Freedom way starts with contacting us right here in Auburn, NH. Our energy experts will be able to discuss your position and risk tolerance and find the right product for you.
Unique Electricity Supply Purchasing Platforms
  • FEL places large-scale electricity users into the wholesale market as direct participants.  This method is the most cost efficient and transparent product in the market. This is a model pioneered by Freedom Energy Logistics that gives clients access to wholesale prices.  This is Freedom’s longest standing product offering.   Additional benefits include …

    • Ability to modify your usage patterns and habits to take advantage of lower off-peak prices.   
    • Purchase wholesale blocks of power directly from generators, including green energy options.  
  • A great option for sophisticated energy purchasers that want the benefits of wholesale pricing without the responsibility involved with going Direct to Grid. 

    • Still receive many of the benefits of cost efficiency and transparency that are associated with the Direct to Grid Model.
    • Hourly market based pricing.
    • 30 day contracts allowing flexibility with changing market conditions. 
  • Some customers are able to take advantage of this value added service …

    A component of your wholesale electricity cost is a capacity fee. The capacity fee is assessed based on your electricity usage at the single peak hour of electricity demand on the entire New England grid in the calendar year (Annual System Peak). That peak hour is most likely to occur at some hour in June, July or August between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. Your demand for electricity at that peak hour will be assessed as your “capacity tag” effective June 1 of the following year and will define your capacity fee for 12 months. 

    While there is no guarantee or method to be able to definitively identify the exact peak hour, we do our best to predict when it may occur by evaluating influencing factors including grid demand, weather forecasts and historical data and then relay that information consistently to our customers.

  • The most common electricity supply product is a fixed price – fixed term contract. This is the best way to ensure budget certainty and avoid potential volatility.  Knowing when to buy is another story, and that is what we do for you.  

    • Freedom works with the largest suppliers in the market in order to ensure the lowest possible prices.  All of our suppliers are put through a vetting process so that we only work with the best of the best. 
    • Freedom advises clients on the best time to purchase and extend contracts, recognizing that simply waiting for your contract expiration is not always the best time to buy.   
    • We pride ourselves in understanding each supplier contract and advise clients on specific language differences in each.  
  • Considered by some to be the most stable product in the market over the past 10 years.  This unique blended product provides access to the variable market without being fully exposed to market volatility. 

    • Fix a portion of your electricity supply costs (Block), typically between 25% and 75%, while purchasing the remaining load on the Hourly Market (Index). 
    • Allows you to weather short term price spikes, while gaining the advantage of lower long term hourly price averages. 
    • Not sure if this product is the right fit for you? Contact one of our energy experts today and we will make sure that you are put in a product that fits your risk tolerance and budget. 
  • FEL finalized an innovative method of electricity supply purchasing. Utilizing research on NH HB 1116, they orchestrated a unique power purchasing arrangement between the University of NH and local hydropower generators within the same utility. Dubbed ‘Direct-to-Green’, this power purchasing method is quite innovative. Unlike traditional REC purchasing from wind farms across the nation, the socially responsible energy consumer now has access to locally produced green energy. Additional benefits include:

    • Choice in Renewable Energy Sources
    • Realistic Term Commitments
    • Affordable Green Energy

Want to know more about charts like these and how they effect you, call us today for a free consultation. 

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