Just months after its Rate ADE (Alternative Default Energy) request was turned down by the New Hampshire PUC, PSNH returns to the commission today, asking it to accept a Redesigned Rate ADE. Competitive energy firm Freedom Energy Logistics, which includes Resident Power, the first company to focus on resident and small business electricity NH accounts, opposes the ADE.

Included in this Redesigned ADE is a near 1-cent Adder to recover costs associated with the scrubber installed at Merrimack Station.

Freedom Energy Logistics opposes the ADE for various reasons, not least of which is that the Adder is intended to help pay for the scrubber installed at Merrimack Station. FEL protests that the Redesigned Rate ADE is not part of the “actual, prudent, and reasonable costs of providing…power” allowed in NH RSA 369.

In addition, deregulation prohibits a utility giving any customers undue advantage or disadvantage. The ADE would give a 30-40% advantage to “prodigal” customers returning to PSNH from competitive energy. Freedom Energy Logistics argues that the adder could prove detrimental to PSNH customers who have remained loyal.