September 2022 Newsletter

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2022 Annual System Peak Summary

With the summer months behind us, we’re growing increasingly more confident that the Annual System Peak is behind us as well. Although there have been a few early September days in some years that have provided a little drama, the Peak has never occurred in any month other than June, July, or August in the past 21 years, according to data from ISO-NE.

Howard Plante
Vice President of Procurement

Natural Gas Market Update

The natural gas marketplace has continued its volatile roller coaster ride through the summer months. Over the past month, we have repeatedly seen the prompt winter months trade between $8.00 to above $10.00. As gas heading to Europe has continued to decline, the markets have digested this forward demand by the day. Increased demand for LNG across the Japanese and Korean markets has held steady throughout the summer and Europe has never had higher demand.

Sean Devine
Director of Natural Gas Sales

Short-term vs. Long-term Energy Contracts and the Timing of Purchase

Current market conditions are challenging. Buyers who have not made decisions yet for their next contracts are facing the highest price contracts they have ever seen.

Dan Cwalinski

Director of Contracts and Pricing

New Rules and their Impacts on the Community Choice Aggregation Market in NH

In August 2022 the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved the initial set of rules that formalize the operational details that will allow Community Choice Aggregations (CCA) to move forward. The PUC's approval was a critical step toward what many believe will be a transformative advancement of customer choice for residential and small business electricity consumers in the state.

Stuart Ormsbee
Vice President
Power Supply Strategies

Tips to Safeguard your Business from Potential Energy Related Scams

Energy costs across the northeast are increasing significantly ahead of the winter; that’s what everyone is hearing.  What this also brings is an onslaught of sales calls, mail, emails, and even in some cases, faxes.  Sorting through the noise can be a hassle, but there are some tools you can use to ensure that your business is taken care of and ready for the upcoming winter. 

Megan McLaughlin

Operations Manager

The Importance of Fostering an Environment that Creates and Supports Thought Leaders to Benefit Client Relationships

Providing the most optimal energy solutions requires knowledge and understanding of the industry and its impact on clients. Freedom Energy's strategic initiatives drive all team members from behind-the-scenes administrative positions to client-facing directors to continuously expand their knowledge in the energy industry, elevate the team and offer the expertise our clients expect from our organization.

Ashlynn Callery
Human Resources Generalist

The State of New Hampshire Participates in Hydro Net Metering Program

On August 29, of this year Freedom Energy announced that the State of New Hampshire has signed on to participate in the Hydro Net Metering Program with the Rolfe Canal project owned by Briar Hydro. In addition to supporting clean power and local hydropower generation, the State expects to receive more than $100,000 annually over the 5-year term.

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