Frequently Asked Questions

  • Invoices allow us to begin the process of locating the best supply options for your business.  These provide us with information such as your rate class, utility, and even an indication of your historical usage, which allows us to identify and provide you with the best products for your business.  These invoices are kept strictly confidential and do not permit us to do anything except provide information to you.

  • Freedom isn’t just a broker, we’re so much more.  We’re a boutique energy consulting firm offering honesty, integrity, and transparency with every product we offer.  Where others can only offer a standard fixed rate product, we specialize in reading every contract and finding the best product for the customer.  Pass through charges, winter reliability, or even renewable energy components are things we take into account before offering a certain product to our customers. It’s not the availability of pricing that keeps our customers coming back, but rather the customer service and the most comprehensive suite of products on the market.

  • When you work with Freedom, we aren’t promising that you will be under the utilities rate every month, rather we are assisting you with actively managing your energy costs, including the ability to take advantage of or avoid market fluctuations.

  • In short, yes.  Depending on the product, supplier, and the contract chosen the early termination fee will not be the same for every customer or for every contract.  We highly recommend speaking with us prior to signing any agreement to ensure that you are fully engaged with the details.

  • The utility doesn’t profit from the supply portion of your bill, so moving to a competitive supplier will not harm your relationship with them.  However, competitive supply may allow for more cost efficient rates, budget certainty, or even specialty products (such as renewable energy) that are not offered through the default service.

  • Freedom is unique in our level of expertise, transparency, and local customer service.  Our award winning team ensures that every customer receives all necessary information.  Think of us as your boutique energy management firm with solutions ranging from large end users to small mom and pop pizza shops.

  • A common question that we hear very frequently. The simple answer is that our unique market knowledge and industry experience of over 100 years has drawn attention from all end users. Which has resulted in many businesses deciding to join the Freedom Family even after long standing relationships with traditional energy brokers.

  • All quotes are cost free and come at no obligation to you.  Even if you decide that working with Freedom is not the best fit for your business you can rest easy know that you have surveyed the field in terms of energy choices for your valued business

  • Freedom brings a high level of expertise, account management, and customer communication that is second to none! Think of us as your energy experts, who are constantly monitoring the markets to ensure that your business is taking advantage of every opportunity available to them.