Get Paid While You Wait!

Under Freedom Energy’s unique and exclusive HYDRO+SOLAR PROGRAM, you earn hydro rebates while waiting for the solar array to become operational. As solar arrays can take up to two years to build, Freedom Energy eases this waiting period by enrolling you in our hydro program. Once the solar array is online, you can seamlessly switch from hydro to solar energy.

Benefits of Partnering with Freedom Energy

  • Freedom Energy’s Quarterly Financial Distributions

Renewable energy projects share proceeds from surplus electricity generation with other electric utility account holders, known as group members. Freedom Energy distributes checks to group members every quarter as the project administrator.

  • Green Up the Grid

By participating in GNM you’ll support the growth and maintenance of renewable energy. Preserving our existing hydro fleet and promoting additionality through the construction of new solar.

  • Decade of Leadership in GNM

As an experienced Group Net Metering Administrator, Freedom Energy brings a decade of expertise in GNM management in New Hampshire, managing 140 million kWh across 27 municipalities.

  • NH Communities’ Trusted Choice

Our current client portfolio features communities such as the State of New Hampshire, Nashua and Exeter School Administrative Units (SAUs), the towns of Merrimack and Londonderry, the University of New Hampshire (UNH), and Cheshire County.

Group Net Metering: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does it mean to be an off taker? Under GNM, an off taker pledges its usage to a qualifying renewable generation assets. To ensure that utility companies buy their generation, a qualifying renewable generation assets needs to show it has agreements with eligible off takers who consume as much, if not more, electricity than what the generator produces. This partnership ensures utility companies buy its energy. Without off takers, renewable generators can’t participate in the program.
  2. We have a third-party supply contract. Will participating affect my contract and will my rates change? Your third-party supply contract is not impacted. Regardless of the rate you are paying, your rebates are based on usage.
  3. Is our town still eligible for Group Net Metering if we’re in a Community Choice Aggregation/Community Power program? Yes, you’re still eligible. Being in a Community Choice Aggregation/Community Power program doesn’t affect your eligibility for Group Net Metering.
  4. Do we qualify for Group Net Metering if we plan to install our own solar array? Yes, you qualify. Typically, a solar array will only produce a portion of your electricity load. The remaining usage would qualify for GNM rebates. Example: If your solar array is expected to generate 60% of your Town’s electricity, the remaining 40% would still qualify for GNM rebates.
  5. How much revenue can we expect from the Group Net Metering program? Revenue will depend on various factors, such as the size of your energy load and the specific program you choose. Additionally, savings can differ based on the product and the length of the contract term.
  6. How and when will we receive the financial benefits from Group Net Metering? Freedom Energy distributes checks (for NH group members) on a quarterly basis.
  7. Are there any costs associated with participating in a Group Net Metering program? No, there are no costs or fees involved. Participation only generates additional revenue.
  8. Does the renewable project need to be located in our city or town? No, it doesn’t need to be in your city or town but must be within the same utility territory. Our team can help determine your eligibility.
  9. If we are already participating in a Group Net Metering program can we earn more? Yes, you can earn more for any usage not currently under a GNM program.
  10. How can we find out the potential revenue for our city or town from Group Net Metering? Provide a recent invoice for each of your City/Town’s electric accounts, and we’ll estimate the financial value for your city or town without any obligation.
  11. Will we receive more bills after joining the Group Net Metering program? No, you will not receive additional bills. In the GNM program, you’ll only receive financial incentives (checks for NH group members).

Contact Freedom Energy to Get Started with GNM

Depending on your location, there may be different eligibility requirements, participation rules, and billing options for GNM participation. If you’re interested in participating in GNM contact the team at Freedom Energy today! We can walk you through the process.