Supporting Municipalities with
Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Our team of energy experts supports cities and towns with energy solutions tailored to unique requirements and renewable options to achieve the community’s sustainability goals.

Opportunities for Municipalities Working with Our Team

Comprehensive Energy Solutions

We offer a portfolio of energy supply management and renewable energy solutions that are custom
tailored to support each client’s unique energy requirements, bottom-line objectives, risk tolerance, and sustainability goals.

Timely Communication and Forward Forecasting

Our energy advisors continually monitor the markets, manage client portfolios, and look ahead to the next agreement. Currently, we have multiple agreements extending into 2026. Many cities and towns experience the best deals well before the start date with our guidance. When you partner with our team, we will notify you as these opportunities arise, allowing you to enjoy these benefits.

Pre-Negotiated Supply Agreements

Freedom Energy’s pre-negotiated supply agreements for municipal businesses offer the same benefits as other state-run programs, such as extended payment terms. The supply agreements include the ability to add or remove accounts throughout the term and allowances for solar and other energy efficiency plans that alter historical kWh and Therm patterns.

Collaboration and Local Support

We strategize with our clients to provide the most cost-effective ways to optimize your energy supply costs, manage and reduce your capacity charges, and provide renewable solutions to achieve your sustainability requirements. Our team is local, and we keep a pulse on the ever-changing regulations across New England.

Brian White

Municipal Program Director

As Municipal Program Director, Brian White is responsible for advising and assisting communities throughout the Northeast in optimizing their energy spend and achieving their sustainability goals. Working to achieve city and town’s energy requirements and renewable objectives, Brian builds on current relationships  and establishes new ones throughout the municipal community.

Hear from Brian

Brian works with a wide variety of cities and towns in the Northeast to optimize energy spend and achieve sustainability goals. He speaks to some of the unique energy requirements, renewable objectives and emissions reduction goals communities face.

Benefits Municipalities Enjoy When Working With Us

  • Comprehensive portfolio of energy supply solutions
  • Customized municipal specific contracts
  • Individualized enrollment reports and end of year performance memos
  • Sustainability objectivesolutions to help meet
  • A knowledgeable team of local energy specialists
  • Realtime market updates

Muni Minute

Timely and relevant information created specifically for municipalities by the Freedom Energy Team so you can make informed energy decisions for your municipality.

MA Muni Minute | July 2022Insite this edition:
Meet the Municipal Team
Exploring Natural Gas Options for your Municipality
Curtailment Season & Capacity Tags
Energy Insights & Important Dates

Read the July Muni Minute

Current Energy News Impacting Municipalities

Local Hydro Facilities Approved by NH DOERNH Municipalities sign-on as off-takers to
receive significant financial incentives

Read the full article here

Town of Lexington Signs Energy Agreements and Takes Steps to Net ZeroFreedom Energy Logistics (Freedom Energy) announced today that the Town of Lexington signed electricity and natural gas agreements in support of the Town’s municipal energy requirements and sustainability objectives. 

Read the full article here

New Hampshire Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)Freedom Energy Logistics and Colonial Power Group continue to be active participants and advocates working to move CCA forward. 

Read the full article here

Massachusetts Green Communities Grant ModificationsThe DOER implemented a change in response to requests by cities and towns for larger single grants to facilitate large emission reduction projects. Building Decarbonization Projects, previously known as Custom Projects, help reduce fossil fuel use in school and municipal facilities.

Read the full article here

New Hampshire Hydro Market UpdateThe Freedom Energy team was selected by Central Rivers Power to exclusively administer the offtake portfolio for approximately 45 million kilowatt-hours of qualifying hydroelectric generation, all of which must be offset by the user base mentioned above.

Read the full article here

Massachusetts Community Solar MarketThe Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program was created in 2016, enacted in 2018, and created to enhance the incentives paid to those who own the solar assets and sell their electricity back to the grid in Massachusetts.

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HB315 Market Opportunity: Freedom Energy and Hull StreetIf you are a municipality in New Hampshire, you have a tremendous opportunity to benefit by getting paid for using electricity. Even better, embracing renewable power that can support your city or town’s sustainability initiatives and increase local renewable generation. There is nothing to buy and nothing to install.

Read the full article here

Supporting Municipal Clients Through Strategic Partnerships

Our partnership with Colonial Power Group provides an extensive value offering for municipal clients and local communities. Clients benefit from a broad range of comprehensive energy services, including energy procurement, demand management, renewables supporting unique energy requirements and sustainability objectives for cities and towns, and Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) services.

Hear From Our Clients

See how our municipal  government clients are utilizing effective energy supply management and renewable solutions in support of their unique business goals and sustainability objectives.

David Ruggiero | Norwood, Sharon, and Walpole


As Energy Manager for three MA towns, a position conceived through the Green Communities Program, David speaks about overseeing their unique energy needs and sustainability requirements.

Alan Taubert, Executive Director | Salem and Beverly Water Supply Board


At the Beverly facility where water is treated for two communities, Alan addresses partnering with Freedom Energy to achieve their energy goals and support their sustainability objectives.

John Fortin | Sustainability Manager, Salem and Beverly Water Supply Board


At the SBWSB facility, John discusses working with Freedom Energy to achieve their energy objectives including to reduce energy expenses to help fund their  sustainability initiatives.

Peter Davidoff, Owner | Constitution Marina, Boston


At the Marina located in Charlestown, MA, boaters live onboard year round. Peter addresses his energy goals including stabilizing costs, focusing on green and sustainable solutions, and providing clients with a quality experience.


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