The Freedom Family

Freedom Energy Logistics is a boutique energy management firm based in Auburn NH. Founded in 2006, the team assists clients in specialized electricity and natural gas purchasing in commercial and industrial markets.


A true family business, father and son team August (Gus) and Bart Fromuth lead by example and are actively engaged in both the company leadership and client relationships. From humble roots with 3 employees in a single-room office over a gas station to the now 22 employees and growing into the second renovation of offices in Auburn, they have always been a business focused on each individual employee, each a member of the ‘Freedom Family’. 


“We look forward to continuing the momentum and our proven methods of investing in our people and our processes.  Our systems and tools see continuous investment, which directly impacts our ability to serve our clients. Our recognized growth provides us additional capacity to make these improvements, explore additional areas of growth, and continue to pioneer advancements in the industry to better serve our clients.”