Auburn, NH:  The ‘Buy Local’ movement is key for many of the brick and mortars supporting the backbone of our state. This simple philosophy has powerful ramifications and is being applied to one of the hot topics of our region… energy.

Amidst the fray of big energy initiatives making headlines, Freedom Energy Logistics has been steadily working to maximize existing resources to benefit their commercial clients. Most recently, FEL utilized the enactment of HB 1116 to bridge a relationship between small hydro generators, Ampersand Brooklyn Dam Hydro of Groveton NH, and Fiske Hydro of Hinsdale NH, to produce energy directly purchased by the University of New Hampshire through Group Net Metering.

“We are very happy with our new Group Net Metering Agreement and the ability to select where our power is coming from,” responds Adam Kohler, Campus Energy Manager at UNH. “These contract allow us to reduce our energy costs while supporting local renewable energy producers. Solar power gets most of the press these days, but small hydropower producers are an important part of the state’s renewable energy portfolio.”

The cost savings are remarkable, but certain restrictions and upfront costs are associated with such an undertaking. Partnering end-user and generator must be situated in the same utility, for example. NH law permits renewable energy generators, or ‘Hosts’, to share surplus electricity generation with utility account holders, or ‘Group Members’. While this project took 5 months in formulation, in May 2016, UNH started taking power under the Group Net Metering Agreement with Freedom Energy Logistics.

“Close proximity between Host and Group Member is not needed, provided both are within the service area of the host utility,” explains August Fromuth, Managing Director of Freedom Energy Logistics. “The utility continues to service the premises of the participants and the associated delivery service billing still applies. It’s the reward of significant savings and 100% green energy that result in such an appealing outcome.”

As the leading energy management firm and supply brokerage in the region, Freedom Energy Logistics continues to pioneer such initiatives. FEL is also instrumental in affecting energy policy in the state, advocating on behalf of the consumers of NH.

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