Brian White

Municipal Program Director

Brian White brings two decades of experience to his role as Municipal Program Director at Freedom Energy. He advises and assists communities throughout the Northeast in optimizing their energy spend and achieving sustainability goals. Brian’s responsibilities include working with cities and towns to meet their energy requirements and renewable objectives, leveraging existing relationships, and establishing new ones within the municipal community.

Brian has extensive experience in supporting municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals, and commercial and industrial businesses in reducing energy spend at an energy services company. His expertise includes electric and gas purchasing, energy management, problem-solving, and relationship building.

Brian’s impact in the industry is notable, with his municipal clients saving over $20 million in 2022. Many of them also purchased additional green power, showcasing his dedication to sustainability. Brian’s leadership and strategic insights have been crucial in advancing municipal energy programs.

Brian is a graduate of Worcester State University, holding a BS degree in Business Administration. In the community, Brian coaches youth football and basketball in Ashland.

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