Energy Advisory Services

Comprehensive Energy Management Support

In the world of competitive energy, a wide variety of techniques and strategies are involved in achieving a client’s energy goals, including reducing their overall energy spend and supporting their sustainability objectives.

An energy advisor supports companies in energy-related matters, such as enhancing energy supply processes. Since an energy advisor will visit a client’s business directly and analyze bills to determine energy usage, they can offer insights into reducing energy consumption and adding renewable energy options, making them an excellent resource for achieving your sustainability goals.

At Freedom Energy, our energy advisors offers opportunities for comprehensive energy management and that may include the following:

Energy Advisory Solutions

Our energy advisory team offers opportunities that extend far beyond a comprehensive energy management analysis and can include the following:

  • Energy Procurement And Risk Management
    • Our team will work with you throughout the energy management process to provide comprehensive energy supply purchasing solutions that best align with your risk tolerance.
  • Customized Supplier Agreements
    • The Freedom Energy team can effectively provide benefits like enhanced client protection and increased flexibility with customized supplier agreements. As a result, our clients have access to unique offerings with greater coverage than traditional agreements.
  • Demand Response
    • We have partnerships with some of the most significant demand response providers in the United States. This partnership enables us to effectively identify energy reduction strategies that cause little to no impact on your facility’s operation.
  • Demand Side Management
    • Our demand-side management services enable us to work with your company and identify opportunities for greater operational efficiencies to help you reach your financial and sustainability goals.
  • Capacity Management
    • Our team will monitor and evaluate daily influencing factors like grid demands, weather forecasts, and historical data to offer direct insight into when a peak hour is most likely to occur and make recommendations to control cost.
  • Sustainability Initiatives
    • Our team can help you achieve your sustainability goals with our realistic approach and comprehensive analysis.
  • Community Choice Aggregation
    • Learn how Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) utilizes collective purchasing power for lower electricity costs and reliable service. Visit our landing page for detailed insights and how, along with our strategic partners, we support municipalities, residents, and businesses within the CCA program.
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Benefits of Working with an Energy Advisor

While your business can perform its own energy audit, these in-depth audits require significant time, resources, and skills. Choosing an energy advisor from Freedom Energy lets your company spend more time enhancing operations while entrusting the analyses to an industry expert. Additional benefits of our energy advisory services include:

Energy Provider

When you choose Freedom Energy, you can access a broad scope of services, including those focusing on green energy and sustainability.


Working with Freedom Energy puts you in contact with a team of industry experts who consistently monitor the energy market to ensure the most accurate energy supply purchasing consulting possible.

Supplier Agreements &
Contract Language

Since markets and contracts are constantly changing, you can trust our team to review all necessary documents and recommend solutions based on your company’s risk tolerance and budget.

Sustainability Goals

Our team will ask the right questions to help you understand which actions and initiatives offer the highest benefit for achieving your goals.

Single Point of Contact
& Agnostic Platform

We are an agnostic platform with no supplier affiliations, enabling us to offer unbiased energy supply purchasing solutions.

Energy Procurement

Our team streamlines the energy procurement process by consolidating your energy needs under one provider. This ensures efficiency, simplifies communication, and provides a single point of contact for all your energy-related inquiries and needs.

Explore Our Energy Management Solutions

Electricity Procurement

Our team works on your behalf to seek energy supplier bids, helps you navigate the options and recommends the best solutions for your organization. We can identify electricity buying strategies while considering your load profile, bottom-line objectives, and tolerance for risk.

Natural Gas Procurement

We work to identify the best short and long-term natural gas procurement strategies for our clients by working with the nation’s largest natural gas suppliers. We continue supporting our clients after the purchase by establishing a plan to mitigate risk.

Clean Energy Solutions

Whether you have a renewable energy goal or net-zero target for your energy use by 2025, 2030, or 2050, or incremental carbon reduction goals, our team can work with you to help achieve your requirements.

Connect with an Energy Advisor

Take the first step towards smarter energy management. Contact our Energy Advisory today for personalized strategies and solutions tailored to your needs. Let’s power your progress together.