As your Energy Advisor, our team will seek to understand your operations to deliver optimal solutions to achieve your goals. Our overall approach is one of collaboration. We strategize with our clients to provide the most cost-effective ways to optimize energy supply costs, manage and reduce capacity charges, and provide renewable solutions to achieve sustainability requirements and clean energy goals.

Benefits of Working with an Energy Advisor

Freedom Energy is helping many businesses and organizations optimize their energy spend and meet their sustainability goals. If you are ready to optimize your energy portfolio? Contact one of our energy experts to get started.

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Energy Procurement & Risk Management

Freedom Energy takes a holistic and consultative approach to managing our client’s energy portfolio. Our team is our client’s primary point of contact when working with suppliers of their choice. In addition, our team will negotiate the best possible rate during the contract phase and provide continued support through ongoing market intelligence and reporting. Our team works with clients to provide comprehensive solutions that align with their risk tolerance.

Customized Supplier Agreements

Freedom Energy created Customized Supplier Agreements that deliver enhanced client protection, increased flexibility, longer payment terms, and behind-the-meter allowances. As a result, our clients benefit from unique offerings that provide significantly greater coverage than standard agreements.

Demand Response

Our tea Demand Side Management m actively assists clients in assessing and entering demand response programs that help drive revenue to participants through active and passive demand curtailment efforts. We partner with one of the largest demand response providers in the nation and can identify and recommend effective curtailment opportunities that impact your facility’s operation as little as possible.

Demand response can be a source of revenue for businesses; by receiving a rebate if they reduce their energy usage when the grid is stressed. What are the benefits of Demand Response?

  • Earn revenue incentives for reducing your electricity usage.
  • Help reduce the need to build more generation facilities.
  • Contribute to overall grid reliability.
  • Support reducing stress on transmission and distribution systems, making them less likely to fail.

Demand Side Management

The most impactful way to reduce your energy spend is to reduce your energy consumption. Along with our efficiency partner(s), Freedom Energy works with clients to identify opportunities for greater operational efficiency and infrastructure upgrades, reducing the client’s total cost of energy and carbon footprint.

How do businesses implement efficiency measures?

Our efficiency partners will perform an on-site audit of building systems, identify upgrade opportunities to reduce energy consumption, and put together a statement of work, including payback timeframes and available financing options.

Often with the ability to pay for upgrades through your energy bill, implementing efficiency measures has never been easier. Some upgrade considerations include lighting, HVAC systems, and central plant upgrades, among many others.

What are some of the benefits of implementing efficiency measures?

  • Reduce your total cost of energy. The least expensive kwh is one not used.
  • Budget neutral upgrades (i.e., ESPC, EPC projects). Upgrade infrastructure with no upfront capital required.
  • Enhance operational efficiency of facilities.
  • Achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction objectives.
  • Utilize available rebates and incentives.

Capacity Management

A component of electricity supply costs is a capacity fee. In many cases, it can be the second highest part of the overall electricity supply rate behind the energy component. It may be valued at 10 to 25 percent of annual energy spend. The capacity fee is assessed based on electricity usage at the ‘single peak hour of electricity demand’ on the entire New England grid in the calendar year (Annual System Peak). Demand for electricity usage at that peak is assessed as your ‘capacity tag’ effective June 1 of the following year and defines your capacity fee for 12 months.

Our team assists clients with the management of capacity assessment charges by taking a proactive approach to reducing peak load. Our team will monitor and evaluate daily influencing factors, including grid demand, weather forecasts, and historical data, to predict when the ‘peak hour’ may occur.

Sustainability Initiatives

Whether clients have a net-zero goal for their energy use by 2025, 2030, or 2050 or incremental carbon reduction goals, Freedom Energy can work with you to help achieve your requirements. Our team takes a comprehensive and realistic approach to our client’s carbon reduction and sustainability goals, always with an eye toward budget reduction and synergies that can add additional revenue-generating benefits and opportunities. Our recommendations include greater reliance on renewable energy sources to power your facilities and efficient energy practices—providing options and a roadmap to help you get there.

Community Choice Aggregation

Together with our strategic partner Colonial Power Group (CPG), we provide tremendous value to municipal clients and local communities with a focus on Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). CPG has been assisting communities in the design, implementation, and management of municipal aggregations since 2002 and is currently the largest provider of municipal aggregation services in Massachusetts, successfully performing these services for more than 80 communities. A CCA Program is an optional buying group organized by a municipality or group of municipalities to benefit electric customers. The Program enters into an electricity supply contract for all residential and business customers receiving utility default service within a given municipality.

Explore Our Comprehensive Energy Solutions

We offer a portfolio of custom-tailored energy supply management and renewable energy solutions to support each client’s unique energy requirements, bottom-line objectives, risk tolerance, and sustainability goals.

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Electricity Procurement

Our team works on your behalf to seek energy supplier bids, helps you navigate the options and recommends the best solutions for your organization. We can identify electricity buying strategies while considering your load profile, bottom-line objectives, and tolerance for risk.

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Natural Gas Procurement

We work to identify the best short and long-term natural gas procurement strategies for our clients by working with the nation’s largest natural gas suppliers. We continue supporting our clients after the purchase by establishing a plan to mitigate risk.

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Clean Energy Solutions

Whether you have a renewable energy goal or net-zero target for your energy use by 2025, 2030, or 2050, or incremental carbon reduction goals, our team can work with you to help achieve your requirements.

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