Community Choice Aggregation

Freedom Energy and Colonial Power Group (CPG) joined forces to provide an unbeatable value offering to municipal clients and local communities. Clients can benefit from a wide-range of comprehensive energy services including energy procurement, demand management, and renewables in support of unique energy requirements and sustainability objectives for cities and towns, in addition to Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) services.

What is a Community Choice Aggregation Program?

  • The program enters into an electricity supply contract for all residential and business customers currently receiving utility default service within a given municipality.
  • A CCA Program is an optional buying group organized by a municipality or group of municipalities to benefit electric customers.
  • Customers are automatically enrolled, unless they opt-out.

Linking the power of choice

with the power of community

Community Choice Aggregation Benefits

Maximize buying power

Maximize buying power through a group purchase of electricity.

Expanded Choice

Clients have expanded choices beyond the default electric utility rates.

Price Stability

Ability to secure long-term rates and avoid market price volatility.


No burden on municipal staff or local budgets, no costs imposed on non-participating consumers; program administration outsourced to CPG.


Clients can opt-out at anytime without penalty and enroll with utility default service or another supplier directly.


Larger buying group attracts robust participation from leading suppliers.

Consumer Protections

Contract terms and conditions superior to those offered by suppliers in direct-to-consumer transactions.

Public Oversight

Suppliers and CPG are held accountable to town officials.

Local Control

Objectives based on local community priorities.

Professional Expertise

Retaining CPG ensures smooth roll-out and ongoing administration of the program

Product Options

Municipal clients can define their standard product plus offer other options.

CPG has been assisting communities in the design, implementation, and management of municipal aggregations since 2002. It is currently the largest provider of municipal aggregation services in Massachusetts, successfully performing these services for more than 80 communities.  Its sole focus is community-based municipal aggregation, devoting its full time and attention to the needs of its client communities and the end users of electricity who live and do business there. CPG works closely with its clients to formulate buying and hedging strategies to meet any specific strategic objectives such as renewable energy content and price stability. It provides unparalleled expertise in utility tariffs, ISO tariffs, pricing schedules, and has the experience to design and manage purchasing strategies that successfully deliver both economy and risk mitigation. For more information, visit

“Our entire team is ecstatic to team-up with Colonial Power Group. CPG is the gold standard in Community Choice Aggregation, which is why over 80 Bay State communities have chosen them, including Boston, Lowell and Pittsfield.”

Bart Fromuth
Chief Executive Officer
Freedom Energy Logistics

“Being able to connect CPG clients with Freedom’s services, whether it is power and gas procurement, renewables, demand response, net metering or community solar, positions CPG extremely well to further assist our clients.”   

Mark Cappadona
Colonial Power Group


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