Your morning begins with a routine — turning on lights in your home, powering up the coffee maker and switching on the morning news. However, as you start your day, so does everyone else. On the utility side, energy usage levels rise as everyone wakes up, gets ready for school or heads to work. As businesses open, they also use more electricity to prepare for the day.

Morning is only one of the times when energy is in higher demand than others — periods known as peak hours. Ensuring everyone in an area has enough power during these high-demand times is where demand-side management (DSM) comes into play.

What Is Demand-Side Management?

Demand-side management is an energy-saving strategy that encourages consumers to shift activities using large amounts of power from peak hours to off-peak times. Implementing this program benefits both the consumer and the utility plant, increasing efficiency and reducing energy costs.

Freedom Energy offers a DSM program that examines your facility’s energy trends and helps determine a sustainable plan for energy modification. We will start by helping you reduce electricity bills by adjusting the timing and amount of usage before seeing how your energy system can most effectively shift.

Why Is Demand-Side Management Important?

Demand-side management for energy efficiency can affect how various systems function — from a personal level to a worldwide impact. On a small scale, DSM can help your company work more efficiently, saving energy and lowering costs. On a more widespread level, reduced energy usage can benefit the environment with lower emissions and overall carbon footprints.

Benefits of Demand-Side Management Programs

By choosing to implement the efficiency measures that come with DSM, your facility can use the following to your advantage:

  • Reduce total energy costs: One of the most significant benefits of demand-side management for your company is reducing your total energy costs, providing extra savings to go toward another priority.
  • Create budget-neutral upgrades: Upgrade your current infrastructure — like lighting or HVAC systems — that provide a return on your investment through lower energy costs.
  • Enhance operational efficiency: Optimize your available energy to more efficient processes throughout the workday.
  • Achieve energy conservation objectives: DSM can positively impact the environment by helping your company and the surrounding community reach your energy conservation and carbon reduction initiatives.
  • Utilize available rebates and incentives: A DSM can provide monetary incentives and encouragement toward more energy-efficient equipment.

Reach Your Goals With Freedom Energy

Your company only has so much energy capacity within a power grid. If you are close to exceeding this limit, you might be paying an additional capacity free in your overall electricity supply costs.

Let Freedom Energy help develop a management plan and take a proactive approach to reduce your peak load. Demand-side energy management solutions can factor in weather forecasts, grid demand and other considerations. We can provide tailored programs to help you reach your goals, including your budget or environmental objectives.

Our experienced team is ready to help wherever we can. Contact us today to get started.