Businesses rely on energy to run. However, getting the most out of your energy usage while maintaining a budget can be challenging to manage. Let Freedom Energy help with energy procurement solutions for corporate entities, businesses, municipalities and organizations.

What Is Energy Procurement?

Energy procurement describes working with energy suppliers to source electricity, natural gas, renewables, and more and power your business. The companies in these partnerships collaborate to make a contract and create the most economically practical energy arrangement to suit your business’s needs.

Your company’s size can determine what energy procurement strategy works for you. The three most common contracts are:

  • Fixed: This strategy describes when a buyer creates a set energy price throughout the contract.
  • Indexed: Indexed energy pricing is tied to market fluctuations
  • Block and index: This compromise strategy involves the buyer purchasing a fixed block and relying on indexing for the rest.
The Benefits of Energy Procurement Strategies

Energy procurement strategies can positively impact your business and overall cost savings. Several benefits include:

  • Lowered risk of unforeseen charges: Under a contractual agreement, you know what you are paying for without the risk of surprise charges or hidden fees.
  • Informed load forecasting: Energy procurement can update you on consistent energy trends and outcomes so you know what to plan for.
  • Reliable source: Partnering with a supplier can create a trusting relationship where you know your energy comes from a reliable source.
  • Business autonomy: With tailored energy procurement solutions, you control your energy types and costs to best run your business operations.
Freedom Energy’s Energy Procurement Process

Freedom Energy has experience in energy procurement services to ensure our clients get the most advantageous deals in electricity, renewables or natural gas. Our consultative process allows us to walk alongside you each step of the way.

When you choose Freedom Energy for energy procurement, you choose:

  • An understanding of goals and requirements: We are one of the largest supplier networks for electricity and natural gas pricing. Our experience gives us a sense of what it takes to find the best solutions for your business.
  • Quality recommendations: Over the years, we have made several trustworthy connections within the industry to provide you with the best recommendations based on your goals.
  • Advocacy and ongoing reporting: Throughout the process, we serve as your main point of contact, advocating and negotiating the best possible rates for your benefit.
Energy Procurement Consulting at Freedom Energy

If you want to learn more about Freedom Energy’s energy procurement consulting, contact us today!