Freedom Energy is your energy advisor for innovative, cost-effective, natural gas solutions. As energy experts, we work directly with clients to understand their load requirements and strategize on how we can help to achieve their business objectives and sustainability initiatives. We leverage expertise, insights and historical data to develop customized energy solutions that reach short- and long-term goals and objectives.

To achieve our client’s needs, we’re agnostic, working with our network of vetted suppliers to source the best natural gas solution for each client, without favoring one supplier over another. We advocate for our clients, are proactive in our interactions, and share market insights while continually monitoring the markets for strategic opportunities.

Procuring energy is a strategic process. We continually track the markets to help establish the best time to buy. After selecting a purchase timeframe, our team will develop a customized purchasing plan incorporating mitigation strategies in accordance with the client’s risk tolerance.

We have a long history of helping our clients find value in a changing and often volatile energy market. To learn more about the benefits our services can provide, contact our expert team today.

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Our Natural Gas Procurement Solutions

At Freedom Energy, we help clients cut through the complexity of procuring natural gas to provide energy solutions with viable energy rates from some of the best suppliers. Our innovative natural gas procurement strategies are customized to achieve each client’s unique goals, including cost savings targets.

Fixed Prices

Fixed-price natural gas solutions enable businesses to secure a set price per-unit for a given volume to meet their energy needs. This simple, stable solution allows businesses to enjoy price stability and budget certainty for their natural gas supply.

When you choose a fixed-price solution from Freedom Energy, our team will continually monitor the market to help you make the most informed decisions on when and how to purchase natural gas. Our team understands that the timing for procurement is essential for securing the best rates, and we will help you navigate the market.

While a fixed rate offers stability and enhanced certainty when establishing the budget, there are some risks. For example, if your business experiences significant changes in usage patterns, it may negatively impact your bottom line.

To provide the greatest benefit for your company, our team of energy advisors will recommend the best time to purchase and when it’s advantageous to extend your current contract. Our experienced team knows what to look for in market trends to recommend when you’re buying or extending your contract to ensure the best timing.

Basis Plus NYMEX

Basis Plus NYMEX is a monthly-priced, variable product with two primary components, including NYMEX (commodity) and Basis (the regional adder). Under this structure, Basis locks at a fixed rate to eliminate monthly regional risk while the NYMEX floats and settles monthly. This type of contract typically requires a specific contract volume to lock Basis and provides price stability while limiting exposure to regional risk.

NYMEX is the cost of the commodity and depends on the price of gas at a set point, such as Henry Hub. Basis can vary widely throughout the country and is the regional differential to the NYMEX Henry Hub price — it can be either an additional adder or a discount to the NYMEX price. Driven by regional supply and demand, it may be at a premium in high-demand areas or over-supplied areas available at a discount.

Basis continually fluctuates based on supply and demand and includes delivery charges, taxes, fuel costs, and supplier margin.

Basis Plus NYMEX is a fixed Basis product where the commodity price floats monthly, and the transport defines the volume.

Blended Hedges

Freedom Energy provides a variety of customized procurement strategies by blending variable and fixed-rate solutions to achieve an optimal solution to support your unique objectives.

Spot Market and Cash Purchasing

The natural gas market is complex and constantly changing. Purchasing on the spot market offers volume flexibility but also involves risk. Freedom Energy offers load management services to avoid penalties, including daily nomination and load purchasing via intraday trades or block buys.


Combined heat and power (CHP), or cogeneration, provides more efficient fuel or heat and is a highly effective form of energy conversion. Using gas engines can achieve up to 40% energy savings compared to separate purchases of grid electricity and natural gas. When the fuel for a gas engine is renewable, such as biogas or hydrogen, CHP can be a highly sustainable source of electricity and heat. Freedom Energy and our energy services partner can provide cogeneration solutions that clients can deploy in various environments to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Fuel Switching

Fuel switching is the process of changing the primary source of energy used and involves switching from one fuel type to another to meet energy needs. Switching may take place, for example, in the transportation, power generation, and heating sectors, and is typically in response to economic, environmental, or technological factors.

Fuel switching often involves moving away from carbon-intense fuels like gasoline and propane in favor of renewable energy and can be motivated by factors such as the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, diversify energy sources, reduce dependence on foreign resources, or to take advantage of cost-effective options. By switching to sustainable fuels, you can reduce energy consumption and costs without negatively impacting the environment.

Fuel switching has its own challenges, and often, it may require infrastructure changes, technological advancements, and policy support to facilitate the transition.

At Freedom Energy, we advocate for our clients and strategize to achieve solutions to support unique requirements and can work with you throughout the fuel-switching process to find and implement the best options. Our team leverages years of experience to offer informed and accurate recommendations.

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