Natural Gas Procurement

Empower Your Business with Customized Natural Gas Solutions

Freedom Energy is your trusted advisor for innovative and cost-effective natural gas solutions. With our team of energy experts, we collaborate directly with clients to comprehend their unique load requirements and strategize tailored solutions to achieve their business objectives and sustainability goals. Leveraging our expertise, insights, and historical data, we develop customized energy strategies that align with both short and long-term objectives.

At Freedom Energy, we maintain an agnostic approach, working seamlessly with a network of vetted suppliers to secure the best natural gas solutions for each client. We advocate for our clients, fostering proactive communication and sharing market insights while continuously monitoring for strategic opportunities.

Natural Gas Procurement Solutions

At Freedom Energy, we understand the complexities of procuring natural gas and are dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet your energy needs. We work with some of the best suppliers to offer competitive energy rates and innovative procurement strategies customized to achieve your unique goals, including cost savings targets. Here’s how we can assist you:

  • Fixed Solutions
    • Enjoy stability and budget certainty with our fixed-price natural gas solutions.
    • Our team continually monitors the market to help you make informed decisions on when and how to purchase natural gas.
    • Benefit from our expertise in identifying the best timing for procurement and contract extensions to ensure optimal rates.
  • Basis Plus NYMEX
    • Our Basis Plus NYMEX product provides a combination of fixed Basis rates and monthly floating NYMEX prices.
    • Lock in Basis rates to eliminate monthly regional risk while benefiting from price stability.
    • Our team navigates fluctuating Basis rates based on regional supply and demand, ensuring competitive pricing for your natural gas supply.
  • Blended Hedges
    • We offer customized procurement strategies blending variable and fixed-rate solutions to support your unique objectives.
  • Spot Market and Cash Purchasing
    • Leverage our load management services to navigate the complexities of the spot market, ensuring volume flexibility while minimizing risk.
  • Cogeneration
    • Explore the efficiency of combined heat and power (CHP) solutions, achieving significant energy savings compared to traditional grid electricity and natural gas purchases.
    • Benefit from our expertise in deploying cogeneration solutions utilizing renewable fuels for a sustainable energy future.
  • Fuel Switching
    • Utilize diverse fuel sources to help reduce costs during adverse market conditions. Implement fuel switching in support of alternative supply options when necessary to meet requirements.

Strategic Natural Gas Procurement Approach

We understand that energy procurement is a strategic process, which is why we meticulously track market trends to determine optimal purchasing times. Once a purchasing timeframe is established, our team crafts a customized plan that includes mitigation strategies tailored to the client’s risk tolerance. With a proven track record of navigating volatile natural gas markets, we’ve consistently delivered value to our clients.


With our in-depth market analysis, we provide strategic guidance to navigate complex energy landscapes and make informed decisions.


Obtain fixed rates over extended contract terms, shielding your community from market fluctuations.


Through continuous market monitoring, we proactively identify opportunities and risks, allowing us to adapt strategies for optimal outcomes.


At Freedom Energy, we’re your all-in-one energy solution. With personalized care and expertise, we guide you through every step of energy supply and management.

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Strategic  Natural Gas Solutions

Our team is committed to optimizing your natural gas procurement process, offering expertise and support. Let us help you achieve your natural gas energy goals.