Energy Solutions for the Property Management Industry

Freedom Energy works with property management organizations providing comprehensive energy solutions to improve overall energy management practices for office buildings, facilities, real estate portfolios, retail operations, and other entities. Our services are designed to help optimize your energy budget, use energy more efficiently, reduce consumption and costs, embrace renewable energy initiatives, and achieve sustainability goals.

Electricity Solutions

Explore tailored electricity procurement solutions with Freedom Energy. Our comprehensive range maximizes operational efficiency and aligns with your energy goals. Partner with us to take control of your electricity procurement strategy.

Natural Gas Solutions

At Freedom Energy, we specialize in tailored natural gas procurement solutions. Partnering with top suppliers, we offer competitive rates and innovative strategies to meet your energy goals, including cost savings targets.

Clean Energy Solutions

We empower our clients to seamlessly integrate clean energy, reducing environmental impact. With our expertise, we guide you through the process, helping achieve renewable energy goals.

Overcoming Energy Challenges

Freedom Energy specializes in addressing healthcare facilities’ energy challenges. Whether it’s fluctuating energy demands or ensuring uninterrupted power supply, our team can help. If you’re facing any of the challenges below, we can develop tailored plans to overcome them.

Energy Costs

It’s important for property managers to know their buildings and tenants, and strategically plan and proactively manage energy costs. Freedom Energy continually monitors the energy markets and can recommend when and how to procure your energy supply.


Empty office spaces, business units, and residential spaces result in standing charges and inconsistent costs, which can translate to increased costs.


Whether your property hosts commercial services or residents, it’s essential to have a plan in place that allows tenants to perform their critical functions.


Many properties are under increased demand to meet sustainability targets, making it essential to have a pro-active sustainability plan in place. In some locations, tenants are demanding greener space.

Benefits of Our Energy Advisory Services for Property Managers

Freedom Energy specializes in tackling energy challenges within property management. If you encounter any of these challenges, we can create customized plans to overcome them.

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