Energy Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations need reliable energy to operate seamlessly, facing unique challenges due to their 24/7 operations. In the past, energy management focused on sourcing commodities. Today, various options cater to objectives like resiliency, finance, sustainability, and efficiency. With market changes and a focus on sustainability, healthcare facilities now make complex procurement decisions. At Freedom Energy, we provide comprehensive energy solutions for hospitals, clinics, and specialized care centers, ensuring uninterrupted care and patient comfort.

Electricity Solutions

Explore tailored electricity procurement solutions with Freedom Energy. Our comprehensive range maximizes operational efficiency and aligns with your energy goals. Partner with us to take control of your electricity procurement strategy.

Natural Gas Solutions

At Freedom Energy, we specialize in tailored natural gas procurement solutions. Partnering with top suppliers, we offer competitive rates and innovative strategies to meet your energy goals, including cost savings targets.

Clean Energy Solutions

We empower our clients to seamlessly integrate clean energy, reducing environmental impact. With our expertise, we guide you through the process, helping achieve renewable energy goals.

Overcoming Energy Challenges

Freedom Energy specializes in addressing healthcare facilities’ energy challenges. Whether it’s fluctuating energy demands or ensuring uninterrupted power supply, our team can help. If you’re facing any of the challenges below, we can develop tailored plans to overcome them.


Many hospitals are under increasing demand to be cognizant of their carbon footprint and the harmful impact emissions can have on patient health and the environment at large.


Providing the best possible patient care means investing significant capital, which can make it challenging to finance additional energy projects.

Energy Costs

Most healthcare facilities spend over $3 per square foot annually on energy, making healthcare one of the most energy-intensive industries.


Resiliency is critical. Hospitals operate 24/7 and an outage can severely impact patient care. Backup power sources, such as utilizing generators or battery storage, are important considerations for the energy portfolio.

Benefits of Our Energy Advisory Services for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

At Freedom Energy, we are dedicated to partnering closely with our healthcare industry clients to develop and implement tailored energy management solutions that address their specific energy needs, including:

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