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Supporting our clients with guidance and renewable energy solutions is important to us. Our team collaborates with clients to add value and achieve specific objectives, commitments, and goals.

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Renewable Energy Certificates

A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is a tradeable, market-based tool legally representing the property rights to the environmental, social, and other non-power attributes of renewable electricity generation. RECs are issued when one megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable electricity generation is delivered to the grid from a renewable energy resource (i.e., solar, wind, biomass, hydro).

RECs can address indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with purchased electricity by verifying the use of zero or low-emissions renewable sources of electricity. While not directly offsetting or reducing emissions, a REC can be used to match your usage.

Our team assists clients with procuring RECs to support renewable energy objectives and sustainability goals. Different types of RECs can be used to meet voluntary goals or compliance obligations such as the RPS, and our energy advisors provide recommendations on each option.

Green – e

Green power resources produce electricity with an environmental profile superior to that of conventional power technologies and have no net increase in greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, green-e certified renewable energy and carbon offsets meet very stringent environmental standards.

From a short-term perspective, one simple and effective approach to ramp up quickly is to purchase a Green-electricity or natural gas contract. This transaction allows clients to procure RECs to offset up to 100% of their electricity or gas consumption. Rather than buying additional RECs separate from the commodity agreement, the additional REC cost is added directly to the supply rate and charged on the utility invoice.

Direct to Green

Direct-to-Green provides clients access to electricity generated from environmentally preferable resources such as solar power, hydropower, biomass, and wind.

For some clients procuring green power or clean energy is an obvious choice, but for others buying renewable energy can be complex. As your energy advisor, Freedom Energy can work with you to customize a plan for your supply requirements that provides local options with preferred renewable energy sources.

Benefits of Direct to Green include:

  • Choice of renewable resources from local resources
  • Supports local development of the generation of clean energy sources
  • Simultaneously supports bringing real dollars to local communities
  • Realistic term commitments
  • Affordable, sustainable, clean energy to achieve your sustainability requirements

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Freedom Energy works with an established national partner to provide clients with customized EV charging station solutions.

  • Do you have clients, employees, and visitors who drive electric vehicles?
  • Are any of your business vehicles electric, or do you plan to add some to your fleet?

As electric vehicles become more commonplace, the need for fast and efficient charging solutions has never been higher, creating an opportunity for forward-thinking businesses. By investing in EV chargers for parking lots or garages, businesses can add value whether the organization is a retail store, hospitality establishment, manufacturing facility, or a municipality or university campus.

With the many charging stations available today, you will need a knowledgeable partner to provide specific insights on what charging stations and power output are right for your business and long-term maintenance and service requirements. Freedom Energy can help specify and implement the best EV Charging solutions to support and achieve your specific needs and requirements and integrate another element into your sustainability plan.

Fleet Electrification

An emerging technology that Freedom has the capabilities and partnerships to assist with is fleet electrification and vehicle charging capabilities, allowing clients to transition existing vehicles from gas to electric. Fleet vehicles are a significant source of carbon emissions that can be reduced through various approaches. Given the emissions related to gasoline or diesel burning vehicles, transitioning your fleet to electric can significantly impact accelerating carbon reduction goals. Freedom can assist our EV partner in performing a full review and identifying the best-suited fleet transition options.

Carbon Reduction Strategies

Sustainability, renewable energy, and carbon reduction strategies have dominated the energy conversation over the last decade. Freedom Energy offers a comprehensive suite of renewable offerings and green products to address clients’ environmentally responsible goals while optimizing energy spend. In addition, our team is well equipped to support clients in identifying opportunities for greater operational efficiency and infrastructure upgrades to reduce your total energy and carbon emissions. Our team also assists clients with messaging for annual reports and sustainability reports.

Behind the Meter Generation Consulting

Behind the Meter Generation allows clients to decrease energy costs while increasing facility resilience and reducing downtime. Whether interested in installing behind the meter solar through a direct purchase or PPA or considering other types of onsite generation, including co-generation systems, fuel cells, and biomass, our team knows how to align these systems with procurement strategies. Our energy experts walk clients through these options and how they impact energy costs, interact with your supply agreements, and align with the demand side and sustainability objectives.