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Ashlynn Callery
Human Resources Manager
Freedom Energy

Published: September 18, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of corporate responsibility, businesses today increasingly recognize the significance of volunteerism, community involvement, and employee participation. These values not only bolster social welfare but also elevate workplace morale, foster unity among teams, and enhance overall corporate culture. Our team, with an unwavering commitment to these principles, has been instrumental in creating meaningful change in our community and within our organization.

Restoring Odiorne Park: A Hands-On Commitment to Conservation

One of our most prominent initiatives exemplifying our dedication to volunteerism and community involvement is our collaboration with the Seacoast Science Center at Odiorne Park. Nestled in picturesque Rye, New Hampshire, this coastal treasure faced a critical threat from invasive plant species that endangered the local ecosystem.

In partnership with the Seacoast Science Center, our team stepped up to the challenge, actively engaging in the removal of these invasive species. This collaborative, hands-on approach allowed us to not only bond as a cohesive unit but also witness firsthand the transformation of the park’s natural beauty. It serves as a poignant reminder that even seemingly modest efforts can lead to profound positive change, benefiting both the environment and our community.

Enhancing Lifesaving Efforts: The 40th Gail-Singer Memorial Blood Drive

Our commitment to community involvement extends to crucial life-saving initiatives as well. Participating in the 40th Gail-Singer Memorial Blood Drive, a long-standing event dedicated to saving lives through blood donations, underscored our dedication to making a tangible difference.

In addition to our local engagement, we actively encouraged our remote employees to partake in similar blood drives within their respective areas, broadening our impact far beyond the confines of our immediate community. This commitment exemplifies our ethos of not only giving back but also involving every member of our team, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Empowering Underprivileged Families: Backpack Drive for a Brighter Future

Our devotion to community involvement does not end there. Collaborating with a local initiative in Manchester, New Hampshire, we organized a backpack drive aimed at providing 400 backpacks filled with school supplies and essential items to low-income families.

Our company played a pivotal role by contributing 25 of those 400 backpacks, aiding in the empowerment of young lives within our community. Knowing that these backpacks will equip children with the essentials they need for a successful start to the school year fills us with a deep sense of pride and purpose.

Facilitating Employee-Driven Philanthropy: Aligning with Strategic Focus Pillars

Our commitment to community involvement is further strengthened by our philanthropic committee, which actively engages with our employees. Annually, we send out surveys to our team members, seeking their input on ways we can support initiatives they are passionate about, all while aligning with our committee’s strategic focus pillars:

  • Energy Initiatives: Supporting vital energy-related causes in the communities we serve.
  • Environmental and Sustainability Initiatives: Fostering an inclusive and environmentally conscious community for all.
  • Educational and Mentorship Programs: Fueling the growth of educational and mentorship programs that shape the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Community Initiatives: Engaging and investing in projects that address the unique needs and challenges faced by the communities we serve.

This approach ensures that our charitable endeavors remain connected to our employees’ values and interests while strategically advancing our corporate responsibility objectives.

Our commitment to volunteerism, community involvement, and employee participation is deeply ingrained in our company’s ethos. By giving back to our community and empowering our employees to actively engage in philanthropic efforts, we not only enrich the lives of those we support but also cultivate a compassionate and socially responsible corporate culture. Our ongoing dedication to these values, coupled with our strategic philanthropic focus, enables us to create a lasting impact and work collectively to build a better world for all.

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