Marc Richards
Energy Advisor 
Freedom Energy

Published: December 14, 2023

The Unique Energy Demands of Northeast Ski Resorts

Northeast ski resorts stand in stark contrast to their western U.S. counterparts. Known not for abundant snow but for icy, wind-driven conditions and frequent rain forecasts, these resorts face unique challenges. The unpredictable cold weather and limited natural snowfall in the northeast make these resorts heavily dependent on man-made snow to kickstart their season but also to establish a solid base for the duration of it.

The Role of Demand Response in Managing Energy Costs

During my experience with ski mountains, I’ve observed that snowmaking is an energy-intensive and costly process, yet it’s vital for northeastern mountains. Electricity prices are higher than we are accustomed to, which has put a strain on many mountains. This has caused ski mountains to get creative in finding ways to save or earn money to offset how much they are spending on snowmaking, and one of these ways is called demand response.

How CPower Supports Ski Resorts with Demand Response

CPower, our strategic partner, a leading demand response provider in the Northeast, is already assisting several of New England’s major ski resorts. In demand response, end users like these resorts are requested to reduce their energy use during periods of high grid stress. This action helps prevent rolling blackouts. In return for their cooperation and reduced energy consumption, they receive compensation.

Exploring Demand Response Programs

CPower offers three distinct demand response programs, each tailored for specific customer needs: Active Demand Capacity Resource, Connected Solutions, and Peak Demand Management.

  • Active Demand Capacity Resource: This program, overseen by ISO New England, requires customers to participate in two mandatory tests each year, one in summer and one in winter. These tests assess the customer’s ability to reduce energy usage during peak demand periods.
  • Connected Solutions Program: Managed directly by the utility companies, this program is exclusive to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. It focuses on reducing energy usage during high-demand periods, specifically in the summer months.
  • Peak Demand Management: Administered by CPower, this program aims to help customers avoid high energy costs by managing their peak energy demand, particularly during times of high grid usage.

Each program is designed to help manage energy usage effectively, contributing to both cost savings and grid stability.

Tailored Solutions for Each Ski Resort

While CPower offers three distinct demand response programs, Freedom Energy tailors our recommendations for each client based on their specific needs and the likelihood of success. We don’t suggest all three programs universally; instead, we focus on the options that are most viable and beneficial for each individual customer.

Contact our Team to Learn More

Interested in optimizing your ski resort’s energy management? Contact Freedom Energy today to explore customized solutions that suit your unique needs. Let’s work together to find the right program for your resort and ensure your success.


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