If you own your property or building, you can reduce your energy spend with behind-the-meter (BTM) generation. Learn more about how you can manage your energy portfolio and achieve your business objectives with guidance from the experts at Freedom Energy.

Our energy advisors walk clients through different options, from direct purchases to on-site generation and storage. We provide the insight to create an effective procurement strategy that suits your business requirements and sustainability goals.

What Is Behind-the-Meter Generation?

Many organizations and businesses prioritize ways to lower their impact on the environment and reduce their carbon emissions. Instead of using fossil fuels like oil and coal, companies can invest in renewable energy sources or BTM generation. Some options include:

  • Microgrids: A microgrid can be designed to power a number of buildings. It consists of a generation system and a transmission system, and it may include battery storage. All these components can be considered BTM because they don’t require energy from the utility grid to keep the system powered.
  • On-site generation: Energy generated on your property is considered BTM. Gas-fired generators, solar panel systems, and even small wind turbines can all generate electricity you can use on the premises.
  • On-site energy storage:  Battery storage, or the process of storing energy on your property, can also be considered BTM. For example, your appliances can utilize the power stored within a battery without needing to pass through an electric meter.

Benefits of Behind-the-Meter Generation

There are many ways to incorporate BTM generation into your business plan, with a range of advantages:

  • Resilient energy: A reliable power source is essential to business operations. Keep your production online and maintain the ability to support your ongoing operations when you have energy available with generation BTM.
  • Sustainable methods: When you generate renewable energy, you produce power at a lower carbon intensity than what’s available on the grid.
  • Saving opportunities: BTM generation can help reduce charges associated with peak demand, which continues to rise in many areas of the country. Your business may also benefit from savings on capacity charges, and transmission and distribution (T&D) expenses.

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