Freedom Energy works with a network of strategic partners to build on our experience and industry expertise and deliver complimentary offerings. Together, we work to provide best-in-class services, industry expertise, and innovative solutions while advocating for our clients and achieving our collective goals and objectives. As a socially responsible and ethical company, Freedom Energy is committed to advocating for those impacted by our business and operations.

Our partners are experts in:

  • Energy efficiency and on-site audits of building systems
  • Identifying upgrade opportunities to reduce energy consumption
  • Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Optimizing energy spend
  • Reducing emissions
  • Community solar programs
  • Renewable generators

Efficiency Partners

Our team works with established and specialized efficiency partners and ESCOs (energy service companies). Through these partnerships, our employees work with our clients to identify opportunities for greater operational efficiency and infrastructure upgrades to help reduce the total cost of energy and carbon emissions.

Our efficiency partners perform on-site building system audits and identify upgrade opportunities to reduce energy consumption, optimize energy spending, reduce emissions, and establish a statement of work, including payback timeframes and available financing options. Once approved and finalized, their team will manage the project from start to finish and can incorporate ongoing maintenance initiatives.

Freedom works closely with our efficiency partners to ensure seamless integration with existing products and services that have been provided, including competitive supply agreements. Additionally, we are vendor agnostic and seek to provide the most value to our clients in recommending a partner.

Renewable Energy Partners

We have vetted developers and generation facilities and have extensive experience executing PPAs (purchase power agreements) for a full range of renewable projects in the commercial and municipal space. Along with our qualifying partners, we audit and evaluate any facility suited for onsite solar to assess savings and the environmental impact and work with clients to achieve renewable goals and sustainability initiatives.

Freedom has a diverse network of development partners involved in community solar, allowing our clients to access the benefits of local renewable energy within their utility network. Our partners have established themselves as industry leaders at the forefront of developing innovative renewable energy solutions that positively impact our clients.

Freedom works closely with all solar and hydroelectric partners to tailor solutions best suited for our clients and ensure cohesion with other energy products and services.

EV (Electric Vehicle) Partners

Freedom Energy works with many national partners to provide clients with customized EV charging station solutions. These partnerships allow us to advise our clients on securing the best-suited locations for electric vehicle charging stations, state and federal tax advantages, installation, and consumer price modeling.

With the many charging stations available today, clients need a knowledgeable partner to provide specific insights on what charging stations and power output will work best for them. Our team can help specify and implement the best EV Charging solutions to support and achieve your specific needs and requirements integrated into sustainability plans. In addition, our partners have access to best-in-class EV software to monitor charging stations and create a source of revenue.

Freedom Energy also has the ability and partnerships to assist with fleet electrification and vehicle charging capabilities, allowing clients to transition existing vehicles from gas to electric. Reducing fleet vehicles can signification reduce carbon emissions produced. Through our EV partnerships, our team can assist with performing a full review and identifying best-suited fleet transition options to support your requirements.