Philip Ciulla
Account Executive, New England
CPower Energy Management

Efficiency Maine aims to lower loads during peaks, coincident with ISO-NE capacity tag hour.

Program Specs

  • Summer Only (June-August)
  • $35/kW
  • Voluntary
  • 3-4 calls per summer
  • Target Windows: 3:00 – 6:00 PM, 4:00 – 7:00 PM

Starting in summer 2022, two of Maine’s biggest electric utilities, Central Maine Power (CMP) and Versant Power, as managed by the Efficiency Maine Trust, will now be offering a curtailment program. The program, Demand Response Initiative (DRI), that pays participating organizations for using less energy when the total demand on the grid is approaching its peak.

Specifically, this program pays participants to use less energy when the grid is peaking during the summer months (June through September). High temperatures and high humidity generally cause peak usage periods during the work week. By reducing overall peak energy demand during these times, we can help decrease the need for infrastructure upgrades and minimize carbon emissions.

Participants receive a day ahead notice to curtail usage in the following day’s afternoon. The Efficiency Maine Trust pays an incentive to the participants at the end of the summer that is based on the participants’ average kilowatt reduction. Curtailing for this new program can also lead to a lowering of capacity charges on a utility bill, and you are allowed to both earn and save.

The DRI program pays $35,000 per 1 MW of average curtailment during a season Organizations that participate in the DRI program may also participate in ISO-NE’s Active Demand Capacity Resource (ADCR) program, effectively “stacking” the programs for greater demand response earnings.

Load shedding and the use of properly permitted Generators are allowed to earn in this new offering.

As this is a new program, this season’s capacity availability is limited, so engaging early in the process before the summer season is suggested. For more information, contact your Freedom Energy advisor.

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