Anthony Mickiewicz

Regional Sales Director

Anthony is a seasoned professional with 12 years of experience in the energy industry. Currently serving as the Regional Sales Director at Freedom Energy, he plays a pivotal role in optimizing clients’ ability to manage electricity and natural gas portfolios, focusing on cost and consumption efficiency. He also guides clients in achieving sustainability initiatives and collaborates with sales, operations, and leadership to develop strategic business objectives.

In his previous roles, Anthony excelled in delivering operational efficiencies and procurement strategies across various industries. His notable contribution includes spearheading initiatives in the cannabis industry, aiding over 2 million square feet of cannabis grower/processors in deregulated markets. He implemented cost management measures and explored sustainability goals, showcasing his expertise in diverse verticals.

Anthony’s industry contributions extend beyond his roles, as he has served as a vendor partner to various groups and associations, educating and advocating for energy management. His commitment to excellence and passion for sustainability make him a valuable asset in the energy industry.

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