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Hear From Our Clients

John Fortin, Sustainability Manager

At the SBWSB facility, John discusses working with Freedom Energy to achieve their energy objectives including to reduce energy expenses to help fund their  sustainability initiatives.

David Ruggiero, Energy Manager

As Energy Manager for three MA towns, a position conceived through the Green Communities Program, David speaks about overseeing the unique energy needs and sustainability requirements for each.

Peter Davidoff, Owner

At the Marina located in Charlestown, MA, boaters live onboard year round. Peter addresses his energy goals including stabilizing costs, focusing on green and sustainable solutions, and providing clients with a quality experience.

Alan Taubert, Executive Director 

At the Beverly facility where water is treated for two communities, Alan addresses partnering with Freedom Energy to achieve their energy goals and support their sustainability objectives.

Mike Ramshaw, Team President

At the family entertainment facility for baseball fans throughout MA and NH, Mike speaks about working with Freedom Energy as his trusted energy advisor and working towards a sustainable future.

Chuck McGee, Spectrum Marketing

As the fifteenth largest direct mail firm in America, Chuck discusses the benefits of working with an energy partner like Freedom Energy including customer service, industry knowledge, and focusing on the bottom line.

Explore Our  Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions for Municipal Clients

Our team works with a wide variety of cities and towns in the Northeast to optimize energy spend and achieve sustainability goals. He speaks to some of the unique energy requirements, renewable objectives and emissions reduction goals communities face.

Hydropower Net Energy Billing

Hydropower uses the water stored in dams and flowing in rivers to create electricity in hydropower plants. In New Hampshire, Group Net Metering includes qualifying renewable generators producing between one and five megawatts per hour.

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