Freedom Energy Company Update | April 2024

Freedom Energy Expands Presence in Westborough, MA: Opportunities and Growth Ahead

Freedom Energy’s recent expansion in Westborough, MA, highlights our commitment to providing innovative energy solutions to businesses seeking to optimize their energy portfolios and embrace sustainability initiatives. The expansion signifies new opportunities and growth for the company, showcasing our dedication to meeting client needs.

Published: April 22, 2024

Freedom Energy Expands Presence in Westborough, MA: Opportunities and Growth Ahead

In the dynamic world of energy management and advisory services, companies like Freedom Energy are at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to businesses aiming to optimize their energy consumption, reduce costs, and embrace sustainability. As part of its exciting growth trajectory, Freedom Energy is proud to announce the expansion of its office in Westborough, MA, signaling new opportunities and a commitment to serving clients with enhanced capabilities.

Embracing Growth

The decision to expand the Westborough office underscores Freedom Energy’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its clients while capitalizing on new opportunities in the energy market. With this expansion, the company is poised to strengthen its presence in the region and deliver even greater value to its clientele.

New Openings and Opportunities

As part of the expansion, Freedom Energy is seeking experienced professionals to join its dynamic team. Exciting career opportunities include positions such as Business Development Manager, Business Development Specialist, Regional Sales Director, Renewable Program Manager, and Senior Energy Advisor. These roles offer individuals the chance to play a pivotal role in driving growth, building client relationships, and shaping the future of energy management. Explore these roles and get a glimpse into life at Freedom Energy by visiting our careers page.

For experienced energy professionals seeking opportunities with a fast-growing company, Freedom Energy also invites applications through its general application process. The company is committed to reviewing and considering all industry applicants for various roles within the organization. Regardless of the specific role, Freedom Energy values skills, expertise, and a passion for making a meaningful impact in the energy sector.

A Full-Service Energy Advisory

At Freedom Energy, the mission is clear: to be clients’ respected energy advisor, providing effective energy supply management and renewable solutions to support their unique business goals and sustainability objectives. The company’s approach is rooted in collaboration, working closely with clients to identify cost-effective strategies for optimizing energy supply, managing capacity charges, and embracing renewable solutions.

As a supplier-agnostic advisor, Freedom Energy provides informed market guidance, helping clients navigate complex energy landscapes with confidence. The company advocates for clients throughout the contracting process, negotiating the best rates with suppliers and delivering ongoing value through attentive service and support.

Values and Mission at the Core

Central to Freedom Energy’s operations are its core values and mission, which guide every aspect of its business:

  • Committed to Service: Freedom Energy is dedicated to treating clients with respect, building long-term relationships, and advocating tirelessly on their behalf.
  • Ethical: Honesty and integrity are non-negotiable principles at Freedom Energy, ensuring clients, partners, and associates trust in the company’s commitment to their best interests.
  • Thought Leaders: Innovation and learning are embraced at Freedom Energy, with ongoing training and development ensuring employees possess best-in-class qualifications and expertise.
  • Collaborative: Both internally and externally, Freedom Energy adopts a collaborative approach, working closely with clients, partners, and each other to achieve common goals and deliver optimal solutions.

Looking Ahead

With its expanded presence in Westborough, MA, Freedom Energy is poised for continued growth, innovation, and success in the energy advisory space. As the company welcomes new talent and embraces new opportunities, its commitment to serving clients with excellence remains unwavering. Together, Freedom Energy and its clients are forging a path toward a more sustainable and prosperous energy future.

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Ashlynn Callery-Baldwin is the Human Resources Manager at Freedom Energy, transitioning from healthcare to energy in 2021. With a focus on fostering inclusivity, she oversees recruitment, employee relations, and policy development. Recognized with the Rising Star Award in 2021, Ashlynn is dedicated to professional growth and volunteers with animal welfare organizations.

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