Bart Fromuth Named Chief Executive Officer of Energy Advisory

Auburn, NH October 19, 2021. Freedom Energy Logistics (“Freedom Energy”), a leading energy advisory, announced today that Bart Fromuth has been named Chief Executive Officer.  Gus Fromuth, President, Managing Director and Founder of Freedom Energy will retain his leadership position within the organization.

“As we continue to grow our organization throughout the country and expand our energy and sustainability services, I am confident that Bart’s vision and leadership will be an immense asset to our clients and the entire organization,” stated Gus Fromuth, President, Managing Director and Founder. “Bart has been working towards this role since he joined Freedom Energy, and I believe he offers the expertise and fortitude in the energy industry to take the company to the next level and beyond.”

Bart Fromuth joined Freedom Energy in 2008 and most recently served as Chief Operating Officer. He has been instrumental in Freedom’s exponential growth of the last decade to include the prestigious recognition by Inc. 5000, naming Freedom to the list of America’s fastest growing private companies in 2017 and 2018.  His experience as an energy attorney has played to Freedom clients’ advantage in terms of stronger, client-focused contracts from energy suppliers. In 2019, he earned a Business Excellence award for his commitment to advocating for clients. Bart’s vision, focus and leadership support adopting sustainable practices for clients, including embracing a wide range of renewable energy options. Bart Fromuth is the driving force behind growing Freedom Energy’s Municipal Group, a specialized team that serves more than 50 communities in the Northeast. In addition, he established Freedom Energy’s partnership with Colonial Power Group, a leading energy consulting firm that serves more than 85 municipal Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) clients. This strategic partnership leverages the strengths of both organizations and drives tremendous value to municipalities and communities throughout the region.

“I am honored to be named Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Energy and look forward to taking it to new heights,” said Bart Fromuth. “As an energy advisory, we will continue to enhance our supply and risk management services, as well as provide the latest industry expertise allowing our clients to take advantage of renewable and other energy sourcing strategies, to help them reduce their energy spends and fulfill risk management objectives while achieving their sustainability goals.  In addition, as we continue to grow exponentially, I look forward to welcoming new hires to Freedom Energy, the landing destination for energy professionals.”

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