Gus Fromuth 

President, Managing Director, Founder

Gus Fromuth is a respected figure in the energy industry, known for his pioneering contributions and commitment to client advocacy. With over 30 years of experience, he has founded four successful companies, focusing on delivering innovative and cost-effective energy solutions, including Freedom Energy.

Prior to offering a diverse portfolio of energy advisory services at Freedom Energy, the company initially specialized exclusively in the direct enrollment of clients into New England’s bulk power market, providing them with power at wholesale prices. Gus devised the innovative, cost-saving concept of direct end-user access to grid power in ISO-NE, defining and establishing the ground rules for client market access by end-user participants. On average, the Direct-to-Grid service serves clients 10-15% against retail electricity rates and continues to be a practical option for some power consumers today.

Gus is deeply involved in community service. He has served on the ISO New England’s Consumer Liaison Group Coordinating Committee since 2010 and was an officer of the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL). He is also a founding member of the End User Sector and has been active in various other community organizations and associations. In 2023, he was appointed to Mayor-Elect Jay Ruais’s transition team in Manchester, NH, where he provides valuable insights into energy management in New Hampshire.

Gus Fromuth holds a BA degree in Economics and International Affairs from George Washington University. He has completed advanced degree work in International Public Policy at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

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