Client Spotlight : Velocity Hospitality Group

Velocity Wings, Social House & Kitchens, Locals Tacos & Tequila

Just as many restaurants and gathering establishments throughout the country felt the significant impact of strict guidelines, few patrons, and closures due to covid, James Speros, proprietor of the Velocity Hospitality Group of restaurants located throughout Northern Virginia, focused on ensuring all 12 of the eateries under his purview provided an ultra-safe environment.

While focused on providing the 5-star meals his guests had come to expect, safety also was clearly top of mind. In addition to embracing social distancing practices and the federally sanctioned face masks, they installed plexiglass partitions between booths, regularly sanitized the facilities, and invested in a clean air system called the Hydroxylator. This system kills airborne viruses including the covid virus with Ultra-Violet technology and is run every day continuously for 24 hours. At a time when restaurant patrons were nearly non-existent, the Velocity Hospitality Group invested heavily in-house safety measures and offered alternatives including curbside pick-up, delivery and take out.

Like many of our clients, Velocity Hospitality Group had to shift their business practices, make significant investments, and take extreme measures to support their clientele. As the country begins to reemerge, they are committed to doing everything they can to ensure a continued safe and pleasant experience in their restaurants going forward, and they finally were able to celebrate the Grand Opening of their 12th establishment in May.

We appreciate the dedicated hospitality sector that helped provide a bit of normalcy during the pandemic.

The Velocity Hospitality Group is a client of Freedom Energy Logistics. They have been working with their Freedom Energy Advisor since 2015 and are a fixed price client.