Client Spotlight: Hardwood Products Company & Puritan Medical Products

As one of only two companies in the world that specializes in producing nasal swabs for medical use, Hardwood Products Company & Puritan Medical Products played an exemplary role in the global fight against the pandemic. e century-old Maine company is FDA-registered and ISO-certified, and its patented products support the collection, analysis, and transport of specimens with distinct clinical integrity.

What happened in early 2020 when critical demand for medical-grade nasal swabs increased from a mere two million swabs a month to more than 40 million a month — overnight?

The family-owned business executed at lightning speed to meet the historic challenge. In less than 10-weeks, the team retrotted additional manufacturing facilities and hired sta, and was able to substantially increase production to deliver against the country’s critical need for the testing supplies.

Furthermore, the Federal Government has engaged the company’s support for the ongoing demand for 400 million medical swabs per month. e company is currently expanding its operations in Tennessee and will bring another plant online later this year.

Like many of our clients, Hardwood Products Company & Puritan Medical Products has been a quiet hero assisting medical teams and patients across the world during the pandemic.

Thank you for your contribution.

Hardwood Products Company & Puritan Medical Products of Guilford, Maine is a long-term client of Freedom Energy Logistics. We have worked together since 2007 in support of their energy requirements, assisting with managing capacity costs and advocating for the company’s electricity requirements as a xed price client, and previous as a Market Participant in the wholesale market.