Maryland municipalities can earn a

5-15% credit on their electric bill.

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How the Program Works

Participants enroll in the program and benefit from the offsite solar array

The developer of the solar array sends power to the grid

Utility provides credits on the participant's energy bill

Through HB 683/SB 0520 (2019), amended in 2021 municipal clients can take advantage of local renewable energy. The legislation is aimed at expanding community solar generation in Maryland.


Freedom Energy has partnered with local solar energy developers to provide a community solar opportunity for municipalities in Maryland. Participating users are not buying the power directly from the generator but are simply acting as a proxy off-taker for the utility to match production with usage. Signing up requires no change in behavior; simply continue to use electricity as you already do and receive a discount on your utility bill.


Given these increased savings and the need for offtake participation, generators offer a guaranteed savings of 5% - 15% for every kilowatt hour submitted into the program. As the administrator, Freedom Energy maintains all necessary compliance and payment issuing.

Community Solar Program Highlights

Earn a 5% - 15% bill credit

Continue to use energy the way you have before; no behavior changes necessary

No sign-up fees

Shared solar program with no onsite installation required 

Participation directly supports local jobs and greenhouse gas emission reductions

Target usage: 1M – 10M kWh / year

Example Invoices

*To account for potential future changes in consumption (i.e., energy efficiency upgrades), Freedom Energy Logistics advises that 80%-90% of the utility bill be offset by community solar. 

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