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Insights into the Natural Gas Market with Freedom Energy

Prepare for the future of natural gas prices with Freedom Energy. In our latest market update, our experts examine the dynamic landscape of the natural gas market, exploring factors such as the Shale Revolution and the global LNG market’s impact on pricing fluctuations. Stay informed and ahead of the curve by reaching out to Freedom Energy for the full marketing update.

Reach out to us today for the complete Natural Gas Market Update. Contact your Energy Advisor or email solutions@felpower.com for the full update.

Analysis of Historical Natural Gas Price Frequency and Duration

Howard Plante, our Vice President of Procurement, provides an insightful analysis on the historical frequency and duration of natural gas prices breaching the $2 mark over the past decade. The chart below depicts daily prompt month prices, Howard’s analysis sheds light on the infrequent and short-lived nature of dips below this significant threshold. Questions about the chart? Our Municipal Program Director, Brian White, can help. Connect with Brian bwhite@felpower.com.

Bridging the Energy Gap with CCA

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), also known as municipal aggregation or community power, leverages a community’s purchasing power to procure electricity. We’ve partnered with Colonial Power Group (CPG), the largest municipal community choice aggregation provider in Massachusetts to assist communities with municipal aggregations. We assist communities in participating cities, towns, or counties buy energy on behalf of their residents and businesses, reducing costs through bulk purchasing. Energy is still distributed by utility companies, ensuring reliable service.

Benefits of CCA with Freedom Energy:

  1. Greater Community Buying Power
  2. Price Stability with Fixed Rates
  3. Self-Funded Program
  4. Flexible Participation without Penalties
  5. Support for Renewable Energy Options
  6. Superior Consumer Protection
  7. Public Oversight by Town Officials
  8. Customized Energy Solutions tailored to community needs.

For more information on Community Choice Aggregation visit our dedicated CCA page where we include more details on the benefits and answer some community asked questions.

A New Larger Office to Serve our Clients

We’re thrilled to share that our team and offices are growing! Freedom Energy is excited to announce our relocation to a larger space in Westborough, Massachusetts, to accommodate our expanding team. During our all-company training day last month, Freedom Energy employees had the opportunity to explore our new workspace.

Exciting Municipal Event Coming Fall 2024!

Stay tuned for an exclusive municipal-focused event coming in Fall 2024. We’re working on something special to facilitate networking and learning opportunities for municipalities in Massachusetts. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Learn more about our Municipal Energy Solutions

Reach out to our team to learn more about CCA. We’re here to provide you with all the necessary information and help you understand the benefits it offers to your community.

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