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Freedom Energy Logistics | January 2023

Massachusetts Municipal Update

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OnDemand Energy Storage Solutions

Massachusetts’ Clean Energy and Climate Plan: The road to Net Zero by 2050

Massachusetts Municipal Update

Brian White, Municipal Program Director

Looking back, 2022 was arguably one of the most turbulent calendar years the energy world has seen. The ability to purchase natural gas or electricity through third-party suppliers in Massachusetts began in March 1998. Over the years, offers changed as energy forwards traded with little predictability, but this year showed how volatile energy pricing can be.

When COVID-19 struck the nation, most businesses hesitated to do anything, even though the energy markets plummeted. However, municipalities in MA operate differently than private businesses as they stay in business, providing critical services to cities and towns. Freedom Energy’s municipal clients in Massachusetts recognized this, and their proactive efforts produced over $23mil in savings in 2022! In addition, over 20 municipal clients executed new gas or electric agreements at least 12 months before their start date, taking advantage of excellent market conditions. This is critical to sustaining energy costs, and Freedom Energy provides timely future start options throughout the existing term for consideration.

Massachusetts utility rates reached all-time highs in 2022, and supplier offers moved in synch. Understanding the budget impact is critical in determining the best time to execute. The following graph illustrates natural gas offers with a December 2022 start date over 16 months presented to a Freedom Energy client. The client expressed interest in a new 24-month term, as they were convinced the market would come down, and continued to wait for results that never came. Waiting, regardless of how long clients have until the start date, is fine as long as bids are tracked to ensure this will not occur.

Working with Freedom Energy allows municipal clients to experience the following benefits: 

  • Enrollment reports
  • Savings analysis
  • Special contract terms and conditions (extended payment terms, Add/delete clause for new accounts)
  • Market intelligence
  • Ongoing management
  • End of year memo’s (including year-over-year results)
  • Budget forecasts
  • Suggestions/improvements for the following year(s)

In addition, our team can help municipal clients explore renewable options available to them. Freedom Energy has several community solar projects that need off-takers, we’re evaluating battery storage solutions with some clients, and our muni group has expanded to maintain our high level of service. So even if clients are looking for a second opinion, it costs nothing to explore your options with us.

OnDemand Energy Storage Solutions

Experience financial, operational, and performance benefits with a ‘no out-of-pocket’ cost advanced battery energy storage solution through the OnDemand Energy Storage as a Service (ESaaS) program. Program participants are not responsible for the energy storage asset’s financing, implementation, and operation. Participants also enjoy savings on electric bills and, in some cases, may even receive a payment.

OnDemand Energy Storage Benefits

  • No upfront capital costs
  • Uninterrupted Demand Response participation and continue DR revenues
  • Bill savings from capacity and demand charge management
  • Share of battery grid-service revenues (where applicable)
  • Advanced asset management, monitoring, and dispatch
  • Comprehensive operation & maintenance
  • Support for resiliency goals
  • Support for sustainability goals
  • Equipment Service and Warranties
  • Performance Guarantees

Massachusetts’ Clean Energy and Climate Plan: The road to Net Zero by 2050

The Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2050 provides details on the actions the Commonwealth will undertake to put the Commonwealth on a pathway to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050.

To view the plan click here: Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan for 2050

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