Town of North Hampton, NH Signs Municipal Aggregation Contract

North Hampton, NH, has partnered with Colonial Power Group and Freedom Energy Logistics to launch a five-year Community Choice Aggregation (also known as Community Power in NH) agreement. This move aims to provide residents with stable electricity prices, cost savings, support for local renewable energy, and greater consumer protection. North Hampton residents on Eversource or Unitil Default Energy Service will be automatically enrolled in the program with the option to opt out without penalties. This collaboration leverages the extensive CCA expertise of both Colonial Power and Freedom Energy Logistics, who offer comprehensive energy services to municipalities.

Read the full press release here.

Freedom Energy Teams Tours the Rolfe Canal Hydro Project

Bart Fromuth, CEO of Freedom Energy, recently toured the Rolfe Canal Hydro Project alongside employees from the state of New Hampshire.

The Rolfe Canal Hydro Project produces an impressive 21,418 MWh with a capacity of 4.285 MW. During the tour, Madeleine Mineau, Chief Operating Officer at Essex Power Services, shared how the team works hard to preserve the ecological balance of the beautiful Contoocook River.

A sincere thank you goes out to Madeleine Mineau and the exceptional team at Essex Hydro, who graciously showcased their remarkable work to power up New Hampshire sustainably.

Freedom Energy is the Net Metering Administrator for many hydro power generation facilities throughout New Hampshire supporting offtake for program participants. 

Freedom Energy’s Gus Fromuth at the New Hampshire Energy Symposium

Our Founder and Managing Director, Gus Fromuth, had the honor of participating in the New Hampshire Energy Symposium, hosted by the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire on November 9.

Gus took on the role of moderator, guiding a panel discussion focused on ‘The State of Energy in NH.’ The New Hampshire Energy Symposium served as a platform for informative and insightful dialogue, featuring a lineup of expert panelists who provided updates on local and federal energy policy while addressing current energy issues specific to the state of New Hampshire. The symposium was an opportunity for stakeholders and industry experts to come together, exchange ideas, and chart a course for the future of energy in the state.

CEO Bart Fromuth Moderates Phase Two of Community Power: Local Programs at 2023 LES Conference

Bart Fromuth, took moderated the Phase Two of “Community Power: Local Programs” panel at the 2023 Local Energy Solutions (LES) Conference held on Thursday, November 2 in Manchester, NH. This event was hosted by Clean Energy NH and focused on a critical topic: New Hampshire Community Power.

 New Hampshire Community Power

New Hampshire Community Power, also known as municipal aggregation, empowers local governments to consolidate residents, businesses, and municipal accounts under a single energy supplier. This strategic move allows the government to procure power from an alternate supplier while the local utility continues to deliver energy, ensuring a seamless transition for participants.

Community Power Program Benefits

The advantages of New Hampshire Community Power are abundant, offering a multitude of benefits for both communities and individual consumers:

  1. Greater Community Buying Power: By uniting entire towns and municipalities, local governments gain significant buying power, enabling them to negotiate lower prices for their community and encouraging greater supplier participation.
  2. Price Stability: New Hampshire Community Power allows communities to secure fixed rates over long contract terms, shielding them from market fluctuations.
  3. Self-Funded: New Hampshire Community Power programs are entirely self-funded, relieving any strain on local budgets and avoiding additional costs for nonparticipating consumers.
  4. Flexible Participation: Participants have the flexibility to leave their community’s New Hampshire Community Power program at any time without incurring penalties and can directly enroll with another service provider.
  5. Protection for Consumers: New Hampshire Community Power contract terms and conditions offer enhanced protection compared to those offered by suppliers directly to consumers.
  6. Public Oversight: Under New Hampshire Community Power, town officials maintain accountability over suppliers and other involved parties.
  7. Local Control: New Hampshire Community Power programs are tailored to address local community priorities and objectives.
  8. Professional Expertise: Our partner provides communities with access to professional expertise, ensuring a smooth rollout and continued program administration.
  9. Product Options: Municipal clients can define their standard product and explore additional options within the framework of New Hampshire Community Power.

These benefits make New Hampshire Community Power a promising avenue for New Hampshire communities to achieve greater energy affordability, stability, and control. As we navigate the evolving landscape of energy choices, Freedom Energy remains dedicated to supporting sustainable energy practices and initiatives that benefit our communities.

Highlighting the Freedom Energy Team’s Insights on Energy, Net Metering, and Hydro Power at the NHMA Event

With the New Hampshire Municipal Association Annual Conference concluding yesterday, our team thanks everyone who visited our booth. We thoroughly enjoyed engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing valuable insights, and exploring the energy topics at the forefront of your mind.

Here’s a quick recap of what we discussed at the Freedom Energy booth:

  • Community Power: Municipal aggregation, also known as community power, was a highlight of our discussions. Attendees learned how it can empower communities by providing an alternative, affordable, greener, and more sustainable electricity supply. We explained how it brings residents, businesses, and municipal accounts together under a single energy supplier.
  • Virtual Net Metering: Many great conversations were centered on the benefits of virtual net metering, a pathway to achieving renewable energy goals while enjoying financial benefits. We provided insights into how becoming a virtual off-taker can help communities reach their sustainability objectives.
  • And More: Our booth was also buzzing with discussions on various energy-related topics that can positively impact communities, from procurement to additional renewable energy options. We thoroughly enjoyed connecting with attendees and exploring solutions for their specific needs.

Connect with the Freedom Energy Team

If you couldn’t make it to the conference or have further questions feel free to reach out to our dedicated team members, Thomas Carter and Kristin Warriner, to discuss your energy questions and explore potential partnerships:

Thomas Carter
Regional Director

Kristin Warriner
Business Manager

Save the Date for Future Engagements

While the NHMA Annual Conference has concluded, our commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions remains unwavering. Keep an eye on our upcoming communications to connect and hear from our team on all things energy.

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