Brian White

Municipal Program Director

Unveiling the Top 10 Energy Challenges Faced by Municipal Clients | Part Two

In our previous New Hampshire Muni Minute we shared 5 energy challenges faced by municipal clients. We are delighted to share the next five energy challenges expressed by our municipal clients. Our clients, including City Mayors, Town Administrators, and Executive Directors, have expressed various challenges when addressing their past experiences with energy initiatives, budgets, and efficiency.

Before we present the next five topics here’s a refresher to what was covered in part one.

1. Limited Resources
2. Sustainability Requirements
3. Financial Constraints
4. Confusing Contract Terms & Conditions
5. Community Support

6. Account Status (or lack of):

Managing utility invoices for cities, towns, housing authorities, and water & sewer departments can be labor-intensive. Freedom Energy acts as an extension of your team, offering comprehensive account management services, including reviewing setups, providing enrollment reports, and ensuring accurate rates.

7. Limited Energy Expertise

Many municipal organizations lack in-depth energy expertise. Freedom Energy’s specialized Municipal Team continuously monitors the energy markets, providing informed guidance on energy procurement strategies and contract terms.

8. Markets are Volatile

Energy markets are highly volatile. Freedom Energy provides insights and data to help clients make informed decisions, highlighting significant price fluctuations that can impact energy costs.

9. Information Overload

Municipal leaders face a deluge of information regarding sustainability and emissions reduction. Freedom Energy, with its extensive experience, helps define and recommend energy and sustainability strategies tailored to your specific goals.

10. Consistency & Dependability

Municipal teams often experience turnover, leading to knowledge gaps. Freedom Energy’s Municipal Team ensures the retention of crucial knowledge and provides consistent support for all your energy needs.

Howard Plante

VP of Procurement

 2023 Annual System Peak Recap

In an unusual turn of events, New England marked a significant milestone on September 7, 2023, as it set a new record for energy demand during this typically mild month. Between 5-6 PM, demand soared to 23,521 MW, surpassing the previous peak-to-date on July 6 by a substantial 1,200 MW. This remarkable occurrence is expected to stand as this year’s Annual System Peak, and it holds a unique distinction as the first-ever September peak in New England.

An intriguing aspect of Thursday’s peak was the influence of behind-the-meter solar installations, which shifted the peak later in the day, as evidenced in the graph below. While demand typically tapers off after 6 PM, on Thursday, it experienced an unusual resurgence around 7 PM, persisting for about half an hour before declining again. This phenomenon, though observed previously, appeared more pronounced and sustained on Thursday. The graph also illustrates a slight dip in demand around 4 PM, likely attributable to curtailment measures. Throughout the day until 6 PM, demand closely aligned with our projections.

The chart below, presents the actual and projected demand on September 7, 2023. This significant milestone underscores the ever-changing nature of energy demand and the evolving landscape of energy management in our region. Stay tuned for more insights and updates as we navigate these exceptional developments in the energy sector.

Community Power

Energizing NH Communities

Exciting Progress in New Hampshire with Community Power

Our team is thrilled to share the progress being made in New Hampshire through Community Power partnerships. With several contracts nearing completion, communities will soon begin to experience the benefits of this innovative program.

Program Details:

New Hampshire Community Power, also known as municipal aggregation, empowers local governments to consolidate residents, businesses, and municipal accounts under a single energy supplier. With NH Community Power, the government procures power from an alternate supplier while the local utility continues to deliver energy, ensuring a seamless transition. The primary changes clients will notice are their electricity source and overall price.

Program Benefits:
  1. Greater Community Buying Power: By uniting entire towns and municipalities, local governments gain significant buying power, enabling them to negotiate lower prices for their community and encouraging greater supplier participation.
  2. Price Stability: NH Community Power allows communities to secure fixed rates over long contract terms, shielding them from market fluctuations.
  3. Self-Funded: NH Community Power programs are entirely self-funded, relieving any strain on local budgets and avoiding additional costs for nonparticipating consumers.
  4. Ability to Withdraw: Participants have the flexibility to leave their community’s NH Community Power program at any time without incurring penalties and can directly enroll with another service provider.
  5. Protection for Consumers: NH Community Power contract terms and conditions offer enhanced protection compared to those offered by suppliers directly to consumers.
  6. Public Oversight: Under NH Community Power, town officials maintain accountability over suppliers and other involved parties.
  7. Local Control: NH Community Power programs are tailored to address local community priorities and objectives.
  8. Professional Expertise: Our partner provides communities with access to professional expertise, ensuring a smooth rollout and continued program administration.
  9. Product Options: Municipal clients can define their standard product and explore additional options within the framework of NH Community Power.

These benefits make NH Community Power a promising avenue for New Hampshire communities to achieve greater energy affordability, stability, and control. Stay tuned for further updates as we work together to make energy choices that benefit our communities.

Community Solar

NH Opportunities

Community Solar

As a New Hampshire municipality you may be able to benefit from Community Solar Programs.

What’s Community Solar? Community Solar lets you tap into the sun’s energy without installing panels on your property. These programs expand access to solar power and strengthen the local grid, typically generating 1-5 MW of clean energy at off-site locations.

How Does it Work?

Community Solar works just like traditional solar systems but integrates energy into your local grid. The utility pays the provider for the energy, reducing your electricity costs. No need to alter your existing contracts or pay upfront fees.

Why Choose Community Solar?

It’s a collaborative effort that supports local economies and the environment, offering benefits such as:

  1. Local Job Creation
  2. Increased City Revenue
  3. Electricity Savings
  4. Climate Change Mitigation
  5. Energy Independence
  6. Economic Boost
  7. Environmental Impact
Why Participate?
  1. No Behavioral Change Required
  2. Preserve Competitive Supply Agreement
  3. Support Local Renewable Energy
  4. Financial Benefits
  5. Enhance Sustainability Goals
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November 2, 2023
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Bart Fromuth, Freedom Energy’s CEO, is set to lead a panel discussion on Community Power at this year’s LES conference. This conference serves as a valuable platform for local energy leaders, policymakers, municipal officials, town staff, regulators, and industry representatives to come together and engage in meaningful discussions.

November 15-16, 2023
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The Freedom Energy team will be at the event to connect with municipalities in New Hampshire to talk about comprehensive solutions for energy supply management and renewable energy, net metering, and Community Power

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