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Carol Anne Watts
Senior Director of Sales & Sales Operations
Freedom Energy

Choosing an energy partner can be a daunting task in today’s market. Countless options, price points, and product offerings make the decision seem impossible to quantify. For this reason, businesses and municipal entities have opted to work with an Energy Advisory firm like Freedom Energy Logistics to help navigate procurement, aggregation, sustainability, and energy services with a single point of contact.

Comprehensive Energy Provider

An Energy Advisory can provide a scope of services not always found when businesses approach a broker or supplier directly. At Freedom Energy, our scope of services includes consultancy, commodity products, green energy, and sustainability offerings.

We view our role as an extension of your business. Our team advocates for your needs with our supplier and vendor network. We can remain neutral in the negotiations of various products where many suppliers or supplier agents cannot. Our recommendations will directly align with your needs and are not limited by the product offerings of a single vendor.

Industry Expertise

Working with Freedom Energy, you can benefit from the expertise of a team of industry experts and the products and services of more than twenty different suppliers, channel partners, and strategic partners. Our team of energy experts actively monitors the energy markets keeping a pulse on them to ensure the recommendations we make for our clients are well-informed.

Power and gas commodity agreements are the cornerstones of our business. By executing agreements with over a dozen suppliers, Freedom Energy can find and recommend the best contract terms and products available.

Supplier Agreements and Contract Language

As markets change, it is important to note that not all providers or contracts are created equal. Suppliers are constantly looking for ways to sharpen the price of their offer, and that can often come at the cost of important contract language. Our advisory clients trust us to make recommendations based on their risk tolerance and budgets, so they are not left with unexpected rate increases.

Achieve Sustainability Goals

The world around us is getting “greener” and more sustainable. Businesses and municipalities are looking for ways to work towards a net-zero future. Whether an emissions reduction plan is already written or your business needs help defining it, an Energy Advisory firm can help. Clients often find one of the biggest hurdles is a lack of staffing capacity to dedicate themselves to these initiatives.

Sustainability goals can be vastly different from one business or municipality to the next, but there are many ways to achieve these goals. Green energy can be incorporated into the commodity procurement process by developing onsite renewable generation or virtually as an off taker. Freedom Energy can help ask the right questions to understand which actions and initiatives will help your business or community attain your goals with the lowest cost in mind.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Single Point of Contact and Agnostic Platform

In addition to these products and services, there are other benefits to working with an Energy Advisor.

First a single, responsive point of contact to help manage a handful of products can be invaluable when these products can directly impact each other and your budget. For example(s), a power supply agreement may not have language that supports onsite solar or is not billed correctly to support virtual solar. Or a gas agreement may not support a CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system and sway the ROI of the entire project—often in the millions of dollars.

Secondly, an Energy Advisory can often source products that meet multiple objectives or generate revenue. Our recommended strategies often straddle multiple products or partners because we operate on a holistic and agnostic platform. If our client has made a commitment to use only renewable power, Freedom Energy can recommend suppliers with competitive supply rates to meet those objectives, saving you time and money.

The role of an Energy Advisory is to explain the risks and benefits associated with the most effective energy supply management and renewable solutions in support of your unique business goals and sustainability objectives. As your commodity supplier, we provide ongoing comprehensive risk management assessments and review your energy strategy. In addition, whether your business is just beginning its journey with sustainability initiatives, or you have well-established sustainability goals, Freedom can assist you in supporting your renewable requirements and achieving your sustainability goals.

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