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Ashlynn Callery
Human Resources Generalist
Freedom Energy

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the spirit of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s call-to-action, Freedom Energy embraces philanthropy inside and out. Over the past two years, Freedom Energy has made great strides in achieving our primary strategic initiative to be a landing destination for energy professionals. Creating a landing destination is more than just the sum of its parts; culture, quality of life, and compensation; it is about investing in each other and, by that extension, our communities.

Freedom Energy’s culture has always embraced working collaboratively and aiding fellow team members, traits not all sales organizations value. Here these traits are an essential part of our workforce. As our team has grown, these values have become even more critical, especially as we continue to navigate the evolving employment landscape. In 2021, as we began to evaluate our benefits for the year ahead, our goal was to add impactful value for our employees and the company. Guided by input from our employees, in 2022, we expanded our company’s philanthropic endeavors by adding Volunteer Time Off (VTO) to our benefits package.

Freedom Energy has found ways to give back throughout the last fifteen years, through various charities, fundraisers, and events. With the addition of VTO to our benefits package, the company’s Social Responsibility Program has begun to evolve into an even larger part of the organization. During the third quarter this year, Freedom Energy will establish its own Philanthropic Committee to drive its charitable initiatives and assist employees’ use of their VTO to impact the surrounding communities. With the addition of VTO and our employee-elected Philanthropic Committee members, the company’s goal is to inspire our employees to take the spirit of collaboration outside of the workplace and make a difference in their surrounding areas.

While Freedom Energy continues to expand its landing destination platform, reinforcing the environment where employees are happy at work, feel empowered, and grow personally and professionally, studies show that volunteering can positively affect both physical and mental health. In adding this VTO benefit, Freedom strives to continue to provide the quality-of-life balance that supports employee emotional health.

Philanthropy facilitates a sense of purpose both personally and within an organization. As Freedom Energy’s Philanthropic Committee guides the company’s charitable initiatives, it will support our employees with the opportunity to contribute to the success and development of the surrounding communities. Freedom Energy plans to work alongside local communities, clients, and employees to find meaningful ways to contribute time and funds to impact our corner of the world, one philanthropic act at a time.

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