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Ashlynn Callery
Human Resources Manager
Freedom Energy

Published: December 14, 2023

At Freedom Energy, our commitment goes beyond the conventional role of an energy company. As a full-service energy advisor, our dedication extends to powering homes, businesses, and the spirit of giving during the festive season. This holiday, we’re excited to share the heartwarming initiatives undertaken by our company and employees, illustrating our dual commitment to energy innovation and making a positive impact.

Luminating Hope: Freedom Energy Supports Families in Transition

A recent highlight was our sponsorship of the Families in Transition Annual Benefit Breakfast on November 18th. Families in Transition (FIT) addresses homelessness and food insecurity with unwavering dedication. In our inaugural year of sponsorship, Managing Director August Fromuth, along with key members Sean Devine, Thomas Carter, Stephanie Clark, Terri Anne Carette, and Ashlynn Callery, attended the breakfast, embodying our commitment to community service. Aligned with FIT’s mission of providing housing, food programs, shelters, and substance use treatment centers, our team absorbed inspiring stories and offered tangible support. The challenges faced by FIT, especially during the colder months, amplify annually. Freedom Energy eagerly looks forward to deepening our collaboration, expanding volunteer opportunities for our employees, and extending our influence in the community during this season of giving.

Warming Hearts and Homes: Freedom Energy’s Coats for Kids & Energy Relief

In response to our team’s expressed interest in supporting youth in need, our Philanthropic Committee initiated a comprehensive effort. We launched a coat drive for Coats for Kids, a national nonprofit, with a goal to collect 60 coats. Simultaneously, we proudly supported Belknap-Merrimack Community Action Program, aiding families in need with their energy costs. Our mission is not only to ensure every child in our community stays warm during the cold months but also to alleviate the energy burdens faced by families. This dual initiative reflects our dedication to giving back during the holidays, embodying our commitment to the well-being of the next generation and supporting families facing energy challenges.

Bright Minds, Brighter Futures: Freedom Energy’s STEM for the Stars

Exciting opportunities await in 2024 as we introduce quarterly presentations in partnership with the McAuliffe-Shepherd Discovery Center. These presentations offer an opportunity for members of the Freedom team to actively participate in spreading awareness about renewable energy to the community’s youth. This collaboration, led by both our Sustainability and Philanthropic Committees, injects a sense of wonder and possibility into the holiday season. As we embark on this new venture, we envision bright minds lighting up with curiosity and excitement, aligning perfectly with the festive joy that surrounds us.

Shining Stars: Freedom Energy’s Employee-Powered Giving

At Freedom Energy, our constellation of dedicated employees shines bright, embodying the true essence of the season. Take, for instance, the inspiring story of Dileep Prahabkar, our esteemed Regional Sales Director, whose commitment to community service extends to his active involvement with the local food bank. Notably, his efforts during the Thanksgiving season, spearheading a turkey donation drive, exemplify the positive impact our team consistently achieves.

Equally stellar is the contribution of Howard Plante, our Vice President of Procurement, who, in keeping with a cherished family tradition, personally prepared and delivered a Thanksgiving feast to the Sisters of the Precious Blood in Manchester, NH. This act of kindness aligns with their ongoing commitment, delivering Friday night meals throughout the year to the sisters.

In our supportive and open environment, the Philanthropic Hub serves as a beacon, allowing employees to share and bolster each other’s initiatives. This inclusive platform fosters a culture of giving back, where numerous team members actively engage with various organizations and charities. Their collective efforts illuminate the season, bringing warmth and joy to the communities we proudly serve. At Freedom Energy, our employees aren’t just a team; they’re a constellation of compassion, collectively brightening the world around them with their selfless contributions to worthy causes.

Lighting the Way: Freedom Energy’s Holiday Illumination

These stories are but a snapshot of the warmth and goodwill emanating from Freedom Energy. Our belief transcends merely providing quality services; it extends to contributing to the common good and making the world a better place, especially during this season of joy and giving. As we light up communities with energy solutions, we extend gratitude to our clients, partners, and supporters for joining us in this fulfilling journey. Wishing you all a holiday season filled with the warmth of community, the brightness of innovation, and the joy of giving!

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