In the past decade, businesses have increasingly focused on and strategized ways to address energy requirements in support of a healthier planet. Topics of sustainability, renewable resources, and carbon reduction strategies continue to lead the conversation. To implement environmentally responsible solutions for your business, Freedom Energy can work alongside you to address your goals while optimizing your energy spend.

Our team of advisors develops energy strategies, including a focus on renewables and emissions reduction, for clients across many industries throughout the United States. Our customized and tailored plans can provide valuable insight and in-depth approaches aligned with your initiatives, operational efficiency goals, and financial objectives.

Common Carbon Reduction Strategies for Businesses

Businesses are poised to make responsible choices in support of reducing their emissions and functioning in an environmentally sound manner. The experts at Freedom Energy can help guide you through a comprehensive suite of clean energy offerings and renewable solutions in support of your goals.

Here are a few impactful solutions your company might consider adopting:

  • Fuel switching: Replace fossil fuels such as oil and coal with cleaner, green and renewable resources.
  • Buying green power: Enroll in a community solar program or net metering program, utilize a power purchase agreement (PPA), or invest in renewable energy certificates (RECs) either locally sourced or available from other markets.
  • Investing in fleet electrification: Transition from using conventional vehicles to operating an electric fleet that uses batteries charged with electricity.
  • Organizing behind-the-meter generation: Meet with a consultant who can walk you through different strategies, such as purchasing a facility that generates renewable energy, creating on-site generation or investing in co-generation systems.

Benefits of Implementing Carbon Reduction Strategies

Any effective and long-lasting change begins with a plan. When you know how to lower your environmental impact and can address carbon reduction initiatives, you can:

  • Achieve sustainability goals: Meet with an advisor who considers your supply and demand while walking you through energy costs and options best suited to achieve your company’s objectives.
  • Optimize energy spending: Commit to reducing carbon emissions in cost-effective or profitable ways such as through renewable generation, reducing energy consumption, and greater efficiency measures.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Transform your day-to-day operations with infrastructure upgrades, high-quality enhancements, and operational refinements.

Reach out to the Advisors at Freedom Energy

Freedom Energy helps clients move toward a carbon-neutral future. When you work with us, our advisors will help identify opportunities for greater efficiencies and enhancements to optimize your energy spend.

In addition to helping achieve an optimized energy plan, we assist clients with messaging for your sustainability reports and annual reports. Realizing the result you want begins with a solid strategy.

To learn more information or get started, contact our team of experts today!