As electric vehicles (EVs) gain greater acceptance, the need for convenient and efficient charging stations continues to grow. Whether you have employees, visitors and clients who drive EVs or you want to add EVs to your fleet, Freedom Energy’s partners can assist in recommending solutions.

We work with established providers to supply EV charging stations for businesses. Our advisors can help to guide you through the process, addressing for example, the appropriate locations to install your charging stations, consumer price modeling, potential tax advantages, and applicable grants and funding.

What Are Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?

A vehicle powered by a battery powered electric motor offers a solution for consumers who want a more sustainable option. A charging station connects the EV’s battery to a source of electricity so it can recharge.

Some charging stations offer advanced features like network connectivity, cellular capability and smart metering. They come in varying speeds and abilities to suit a wide range of needs:

  • Level one: A level one station uses 120 volts with an alternating-current (AC) plug and a dedicated circuit.
  • Level two: A level two station uses 240 volts with an AC plug for residential or public charging equipment.
  • Level three: A level three station uses 480 volts with a direct-current (DC) plug and a special charging port.

Charging stations are often available in retail shopping center parking lots, outside downtown municipal buildings, and large parking garages. Some are free and subsidized by the local government. Others include hourly rates, monthly fees, or annual costs.

Benefits of Custom EV Charging Station Solutions

Some advantages of investing in EV charging stations include:

  • Lowering carbon emissions: The use of electricity instead of fossil fuels helps reduce the overall environmental impact of transportation.
  • Incentivizing others to adopt EVs: The installation of charger stations at your business can help encourage your customers and clients to invest in environmentally friendly vehicles. Being able to charge an EV at various locations offers convenience and peace of mind.
  • Generating revenue: Charging stations can help attract traffic to your location and the associated usage fees can create additional income for your business.

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Freedom Energy assists our clients by strategizing and preparing for the future. Along with our partners, we can provide the insights you need. Detailed recommendations include factors such as service requirements, and long-term guidelines aligned with your sustainability plan and in support of your goals.

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