In the United States, the utility grid consists of electricity produced from renewable and non-renewable energy resources. Once electricity is shared, it’s difficult to know the source of the power unless you invest in renewable energy certificates (REC). These certificates support the use of clean energy and track valuable information about its generation and full attributes.

When purchasing RECs, you can invest in a consumer protection program called Green-e® Energy. The certificate you receive provides product information that assures the quality of the product you receive, and verifies your ownership.

Experts at Freedom Energy can help guide organizations, companies, and individuals through buying RECs. We’ll provide recommendations aligned with your supply requirements, business objectives, renewable objectives, and sustainability goals.

What Are Green-e® Energy Management Solutions?

Green-e® resources meet the highest of U.S. standards. Investing in this type of solution can provide peace of mind knowing you have accurate and transparent information about the electricity you purchase. The purchaser owns the title, and receives the documented information about the specific product.

There are rigorous requirements to qualify for the Green-e® program. Renewables such as solar, wind, geothermal, and certain biomass or hydroelectric generation technologies are eligible to participate. The facilities producing or generating the power must have been built within 15 years from the date you purchase the electricity.

As you continue to invest in RECs, you can add them to your plan instead of continuing to purchase individual protection plans. The Green-e® program verifies the custody of renewable energy along all timelines. This approach ensures individuals and businesses receive the exact products they paid for.

Benefits of Investing in Green-e® Energy

As a tool, a REC tracks specific details like the emissions from the renewable asset. Accurate information can help you manage your impact on the environment, support measurable goals for the future, and provide support information for your sustainability plan. Other advantages include:

  • Clean energy: The use of certified renewable energy helps offset carbon emissions from fossil fuels, and your involvement can encourage others to do the same.
  • A certified solution: The document verifies the attributes, which you can promote.
  • Support for your community: A REC can support a local green energy generation asset or one from somewhere else nationwide.

Connect with an Energy Advisor

Advisors at Freedom Energy can assist with your REC purchases including Green-e® Certified renewable energy options. To learn more, get in touch with our team today!