Celebrating World Clean Air Month | May 2024

Sustainable Solutions for Clean Air: The Role of Renewable Energy

With World Clean Air Month upon us, it’s vital to understand the transformative role renewable energy solutions play in enhancing air quality. Our article delves into the benefits of renewable energy adoption for businesses, municipalities, and organizations, highlighting strategies such as Group Net Metering (GNM) and Community Solar. By embracing renewable energy options, businesses can reduce emissions, optimize energy costs, and contribute to cleaner air for all. Explore how you can leverage renewable energy solutions to drive positive change and sustainability for your business or organization.

Published: May 2, 2024

With World Clean Air Month upon us it’s a great reminder of the impact renewable energy solutions can have on positivity impacting air quality. Our team works closely with businesses, municipalities, and organizations to not only navigate energy procurement but also integrating renewable energy sources into the overall energy plan. Why? Adopting renewable energy solutions can help in reducing our clients carbon footprint, optimize energy costs, create local jobs and improve air quality for everyone. Curious to learn more? Keep reading for ways renewable energy supports clean air.

Reducing Emissions and Improving Air Quality

Reducing emissions can be an overwhelming goal especially for businesses or municipalities facing regulatory requirements. The process often involves a multifaceted approach to mitigate pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Renewable energy solutions have the ability to reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality which helps to promote cleaner air. Our team assists in identifying customized renewable solutions and sustainability initiatives, including working with our strategic partners to explore energy-efficient technologies solutions, to meet carbon reduction goals and the requirements of businesses, municipalities, and organizations.

Promoting Sustainable Energy Procurement

Renewable energy procurement is becoming increasingly accessible and affordable for businesses in New England and throughout the United States. Through initiatives such as solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) and renewable energy certificates (RECs), businesses can source clean energy and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. At Freedom Energy, we specialize in helping businesses navigate the renewable energy procurement process, providing expert guidance and tailored solutions to meet their sustainability goals.

Role of Group Net Metering (GNM)

One innovative program example that offers significant advantages to consumers and propels the renewable energy sector forward is Group Net Metering (GNM). Established in 2013 through New Hampshire Senate Bill 98, GNM allows consumers to benefit from the electricity generated by renewable energy sources, such as hydro or solar, even if those sources are not located on their property. This program enables renewable energy facilities, known as Hosts, to partner with electric utility account holders, known as Members, and receive the utility supply rate for their generation. To participate, a renewable energy generator must have Members whose usage equals or exceeds their generation. Hosts benefit by receiving the utility supply rate for their generation, as opposed to the lower wholesale cost of power, while Members are compensated by the Host for enrolling their accounts in the program, without needing to change their electric service or being prohibited from third-party supply contracts.

Community Solar

Community Solar is an excellent option for businesses that cannot or do not want to install solar on-site. Community Solar projects generate power like traditional on-site physical solar systems; however, rather than supplying the clean energy directly to one facility, the generated power is integrated into the local electrical grid and the output is shared by multiple community subscribers. These rapidly expanding programs provide expanded access to the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy generation and help build a stronger, more resilient electrical grid. Typically, Community Solar projects are located off-site and produce between 1 and 5 MW of clean energy.

Celebrating World Clean Air Month

This World Clean Air Month, it’s important to recognize the role businesses play in shaping a sustainable future. Our team is here to support and assist businesses incorporate renewable energy into their energy management strategy. By embracing renewable energy options like Group Net Metering (GNM), Community Solar, or purchasing RECs businesses can make a positive difference, reducing emissions and improve air quality.

Ready to explore renewable energy solutions for your business, municipality or organization? Connect with our team at Freedom Energy to explore how you can leverage renewable energy solutions to drive positive change for your business and our planet.

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