When you partner with virtual off-takers who generate electricity, you may be eligible to sell your share of the production to the utility at a default service rate. Learn how to support a greener future while earning rebates when you work with energy advisors at Freedom Energy.

Our team of experts will share valuable insights aligned with your business objectives. We’ll guide you through the process of pledging usage to eligible off-site renewable generators so you can take advantage of profitable opportunities.

What Is Virtual Net Metering?

Virtual net metering (VNM) is when electricity is generated at a centralized location, such as a community solar farm or a commercial facility, that is a different place than where it’s consumed. It provides a billing mechanism that allows multiple participating consumers located somewhere else, to benefit from renewable generation even though not physically connected to it. A portion of the energy generated by the system is credited to each of the participant’s individual utility bills, based on the participant’s allocated portion. The energy credits offset their energy consumption and help reduce their electricity costs.

Benefits of Virtual Net Metering

Some of the advantages of participating in VNM include:

  • No space: VNM is beneficial when you don’t have space at your location or on your property to install your own renewable generation system. You can still benefit from renewable energy from clean energy generated elsewhere.
  • Convenience: A virtual shareholder isn’t responsible for investing in, installing or maintaining a solar generation array or solar facility. When you sell your share of the energy production to the utility, you continue to consume electricity as usual without modifying your behavior or changing your third-party contract; a discount is automatically reflected in your utility bill.
  •  Income: Participating in VNM is a revenue generating opportunity.
  • Progress toward sustainability goals: The process of generating renewable energy helps promote the equitable distribution of clean energy and encourages further development of renewable generation projects throughout your local community. Renewable energy generation also supports sustainability initiatives by helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Get in Touch with Experts at Freedom Energy

Depending on your location, there may be different eligibility requirements, participation rules, and billing options for VNM participation. If you’re interested in participating in VNM or partnering with a virtual off-taker, contact the team at Freedom Energy today! We can walk you through the process.