At Freedom Energy, our expert team assists clients in developing innovative natural gas solutions. We work with you to understand factors such as your company’s load requirements, operational needs, and sustainability goals to build a customized, combined heat and power (CHP) energy solution.

What Is a Combined Heat and Power System?

Combined heat and power, also called cogeneration, is a technology that uses a single fuel source to generate heat and electricity. Since a CHP setup produces power on-site, it results in minimal loss, and waste heat reapplies to the facility through process heating, steam, or chilled water. A CHP system can power and heat a single facility or serve as a district energy or utility resource to provide electricity and thermal energy to multiple users.

Benefits of Cogeneration

By choosing a cogeneration energy solution, you will experience many economic and sustainability benefits, like:

  • Sustainability: CHP can be a highly sustainable electricity source if renewable fuel, such as biogas or hydrogen, for a gas engine is used.
  • Improve energy efficiency: CHP captures heat that is typically wasted and is a highly effective form of energy conversion.
  • Reduced energy costs: CHP is highly efficient, making it a great choice if your business wants to lower its energy budget. Additionally, using gas engines can achieve up to 40% energy savings when compared to separate purchases of grid electricity and gas.
  • Reduced emissions: When evaluated against separate head and power options, CHP reduces emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants.

Connect with Freedom Energy

Whether you are looking to switch to a cogeneration renewable energy source or would like assistance determining the best time to enter a contract, the team at Freedom Energy is here to assist you at every step of the way. Since our creation in 2006, we have been delivering comprehensive energy supply management and renewable energy solutions to businesses of any size. We look forward to working together to develop a customized cogeneration energy solution for your business. Contact one of our Energy Advisors today.