At Freedom Energy, we help clients cut through the complexity of procuring natural gas to provide energy solutions with viable energy rates from some of the best suppliers. Our innovative natural gas procurement strategies are customized to achieve each client’s unique goals, including cost savings targets.

What is a Fixed Price Natural Gas Plan?

A fixed price natural gas plan provides a set price for a specific contract term to protect your company’s budget from fluctuations in price. With a fixed price natural gas contract, your natural gas rate will remain the same throughout the lifetime of your agreement to make it easier to account for how much you will spend each month.

Benefits of Fixed Price Natural Gas

A fixed rate natural gas plan is ideal for clients with any volume of natural gas consumption. Your company may also benefit from a fixed price natural gas plan if you desire less involvement in daily management and greater certainty when creating your natural gas budget. Some additional benefits of a fixed price natural gas plan are:

  • Fixed terms: With a fixed natural gas plan, your commodity and basis is fixed, and your volume is defined for a predetermined period.
  • Cost stability: A fixed natural gas solution protects you from volatility and fluctuations in the gas market.
  • Budget certainty and predictability: With a fixed price contract, you can lock in your supply price to limit the risk of changes, letting you plan your business’s consumption level and budget with confidence.
  • Low risk: Fixed natural gas pricing involves minimal risk, making it ideal for companies with limited budget flexibility.

As you look through your options with a fixed natural gas price plan, it is beneficial to consider the risks, such as changes in usage patterns and buying at inopportune times. The Freedom Energy team advises on the best time to purchase and extend existing contracts, as waiting for contracts to expire may not be the most advantageous time to purchase. We can help you meet budget objectives by notifying you of market trends and drops in pricing.

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